School 2021 Review: WEi’s Kim Yo Han and Cho Yi Hyun get off to a shaky start, should you tune in for two?

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‘Tune in for Two?’ is our latest venture to bring out a first week review of K-dramas and let you choose if you should join the hype for the second week.
The ‘School’ series has seen superstars being discovered right at their peak teenage acting days with names like Gong Yoo and Jo In Sung finding themselves among the uniformed crowd as well. Later, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin developed a crazy following for their bromance meanwhile Yook Sungjae, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim So Hyun sailed their own ships.

Change in genres and bringing in popular names has not worked as well for the KBS team as of late with Kim Young Dae’s role being taken up by WEi’s Kim Yohan and ‘Hospital Playlist’ recurring appearance Jo Yi Hyun grabbing the other end of a 1-week delayed broadcast.

The eighth edition, ‘School 2021’, begins with an accident where leads Gong Ki Joon (Kim Yohan) and Jung Young Joo (Choo Yeong Woo) go through their own tragedies making the former give up his dream, Taekwondo. Jo Yi Hyun’s Jin Ji Won is introduced as a protesting student, being rained on. The bickering of Ki Joon and Jin Won is constant throughout the 2 episodes, with untimely amateur flirting popping up every now and then.

The struggles of hardworking students tries to make their mark very desperately, having innumerable issues trying to take the lead and we think that’s exactly where the show needs to improve on as its display of multiple stories finds itself entangled with numerous characters having their own battle to take charge. Meanwhile, Jung Young Joo and Gong Ki Joon seem to have a past connected to the death of their third friend and that’s one thing we look forward to - the progress of friends turned enemies who will hopefully find middle ground by the end of the show.

After romance and drama, suspense and thriller try to make their way in as a possible suicide note is discovered. Now, the onus to save the student falls on the main characters of ‘School 2021’ who seem to have failed at the very end of the 2nd episode as a body is seen falling from the school’s rooftop.

Overall, the show was a miss in terms of character chemistry though we give props to the obviously all giving fresh cast. We enter week 2 being curious of the reason for the student’s death and a possible reconciliation between the boys.

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