Seezn releases spine chilling teaser for the awaited horror film Grotesque Mansion

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Stills from Grotesque Mansion teaser; Picture Courtesy: Seezn

'Grotesque Mansion', which was released for theatres on July 30, is back for an online release known as 'Grotesque Mansion: The Original'. The drama (Grotesque Mansion: The Original), will be released through KT, a new streaming platform, tells the story of a bizarre incident related to each issue that the webtoon writer Ji-woo, who visits the old apartment building Gwanglim Mansion for a report, hears from the manager. 'Grotesque Mansion: The Original', originally produced as an 8-episode drama for OTT, received favorable reviews after preview, and went on to release the theatrical version of ‘Grotesque Mansion'. 

The drama 'Mysterious Mansion: The Original' will reveal additional episodes that have not been seen in the theatrical version, and will once again guide the small screen into the world of extreme horror with a complete story and structured development. In particular, the director plans to release various episodes using materials that are in contact with our daily life, such as noise between floors, mold, sensors, and showers, in the space of an apartment as a background. It is expected that it will show the essence of fear that is more chilling when viewed at home as 'life-related fear'. Here, a concise story of millennials, sensuous directing, and the unique horror mise-en-scène will capture the hearts of viewers, the same way it did for the viewers of the theatrical version.

Sung Joon, who plays the role of Ji Woo, is a model-turned-actor under O& Entertainment. He is known for his roles in ‘White Christmas’, ‘Flower Band’, ‘The Villainess’, ‘Personal Taste’, ‘Gu Family Book’, etc. Kim Hong Pa, who plays the role of the caretaker, is known for his role in ‘Dr. Romantic 1&2’, ‘Black Dog’, ‘Chief of Staff’, ‘Fiery Priest’, ‘Miss Hammurabi’, etc. Kim Bo Ra, who plays the role of Da Hye, is best known for her roles in ‘Sky Castle’, ‘Her Private Life, ‘Touch’, ‘Love Scene Number’, ‘Avengers Social Club’, etc. 

Grotesque Mansion: The Original' will be aired for the first time on July 30 through SKY Channel. 

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