Seo Bok Trailer: Gong Yoo must protect the 'dangerous' Park Bo Gum at any cost to save his own life

In the brand new trailer of Seo Bok, we get a more detailed look into Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum's twisted equation as the former must do everything in his power to protect the latter in order to save his own life.
Seo Bok Trailer: Gong Yoo must protect the 'dangerous' Park Bo Gum at any cost to save his own life
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Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum plan to end 2020 on an exciting note with their soon-to-be-released sci-fi film Seo Bok, which fans have been eagerly waiting for. A brand new trailer of Seo Bok was released recently, which gives us a more in-depth look at the twisted equation between Yoo's Min Ki-heon, a former intelligence agent and Bo-gum's Seo Bok, the world's first human clone.

The exhilarating Seo Bok trailer begins with a voiceover from Bo-gum as we come to know that Seo Bok is only 10 years of age, who has never been outside of the research laboratory before. We're then introduced to Ki-heon because of whom Seo Bok steps outside into the real world for the first time. The countless things Seo Bok is curious about includes eating ramen noodles for the first time and trying on different colourful clothes. "Why am I dangerous? What will happen to Seo Bok, who's facing an unknown world for the first time," Seo Bok asks.

As for Ki-heon, he doesn't have much longer to live while always suffering from pain and is given an irresistible last mission, which is to safely transfer Seo Bok. In return, Seo Bok will be used to heal Ki-heon and the latter accepts the experiment because he wants to live. However, the mission soon turns into an accompaniment. As Ki-heon gets to know more about Seo Bok and how he ate and tested all day long his whole life, he starts to sympathise for him and in turn finds himself in a lot of troubles. "Will Ki-heon be able to successfully complete his mission," Seo Bok asks.

The next key player is Chief Ahn (Jo Woo-jin), an agent of Korea's Intelligence Bureau and a man who seems to have evil intentions in his bid to protect Seo Bok. As he realises that his secret project has been exposed, we find out that Ahn's objective is to forever hide the existence of Seo Bok from the world. Ahn also orders his team to categorise Ki-heon and Seo Bok as terrorists and shoot-to-kill upon discovery. For Ahn, eventually, things get out of hand and go in the opposite direction of what he had planned.

Finally, we have Professor Lim Se-eun (Jang Young-nam), the lead researcher who made Seo Bok. "What does forever mean," Bo-gum asks to which Se-eun responds, "It means there's no end." While Se-eun plays a very big role in Seo Bok's life, the latter asks, "What does Seo Bok's existence mean to her?"

The ending few moments of Seo Bok trailer sees Ki-heon finding out that Seo Bok is immortal. "What will be waiting at the end of Seo Bok and Ki-heon's special accompaniment? To find out, be sure to watch the film once it releases," a sharply dressed in a brown suit and white Bo-gum cutely says to end the exciting trailer. 

Watch the thrilling trailer of Seo Bok below:

"Two men without tomorrow, begins," was the epic catchphrase teased in the trailer and we're now even more excited for Seo Bok!

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Directed and written by Lee Yong-joo, Seo Bok is slated for a December release.