Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young's budding romance hits a roadblock in Doom At Your Service

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Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young in Doom At Your Service (Pic credit - Studio Dragon)

Doom At Your Service makes our Monday and Tuesdays better and we are grateful for it! The fantasy-romance drama features a celestial being, Myeol Mang whose name literally means doom and a terminally ill woman, Tak Dong Kyung, who has to shoulder responsibilities for herself and her brat like younger brother. The drama serves as a great escapist romance show, with heart-fluttering romance and tender moments that promise to warm your heart.

Tak Dong Kyung and Myeol Mang began their relationship with mutual feelings. However, according to the latest stills, the couple's brief romance so far has hit an unprecedented roadblock. In the new stills, we can see Tak Dong Kyung and Myeol Mang look at each other sadly as an air of sorrow and hurt engulf them. Myeol Mang looks at Tak Dong Kyung who is squatting down on the ground. When he extends his hand for her to grab, she simply stares at it with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

Finally, Tak Dong Kyung takes his hand and carefully looks at him, studying his gaze. However, Myeol Mang avoids looking into her eyes instead observes their hands. A strange stillness falls upon Tak Dong Kyung and Myeol Mang under the dim streetlight on a lonely and quiet night. The production team commented that The life-or-death romance between Tak Dong Kyung and Myeol Mang will grow one step sweeter and sadder this week. Will these star-crossed lovers survive this test of love? Find out by tuning into Doom At Your Service at 9 pm KST on tvN.

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