Seo Ye Ji's agency shares official statement regarding allegations against her for Kim Jung Hyun's misbehavior

Seo Ye Ji's agency has released an official statement regarding Seo Ye Ji and her bullying allegations as well as her relationship with Kim Jung Hyun.

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Seo Ye Ji at an award show.
Seo Ye Ji's agency shares official statement regarding allegations against her for Kim Jung Hyun's misbehavior

Seo Ye Ji's agency Gold Medalist has officially released their response to all the allegations being levied against Seo Ye Ji for her controlling behavior while in a relationship with Kim Jung Hyun, her studies abroad as well as her bullying allegations. Earlier this week, Dispatch revealed a series of text messages exchanged between the former lovers where Seo Ye Ji can be seen dictating and ordering Kim Jung Hyun around, going as far as to command him not to speak with his staff or his co-actors. Skinship, that is physical contact in particular was "forbidden" and Jung Hyun had to "report" to Seo Ye Ji about whether or not he had greeted other people on set and if so, how he did it. Apparently, Seo Ye Ji also asked Kim Jung Hyun to demand changes in the script wherever there were romantic scenes. Not only was this a gross violation of privacy but also effectively shifted the spotlight from the allegations against Kim Jung Hyun onto Seo Ye Ji. However, as the media would have it, the revelation spread like wildfire. 

In the latest statement by Gold Medalist, responding to these allegations, the agency said that, "This is the official position on the recent report regarding Seo Ye Ji, the actor of our company. First of all, we apologize for the delay in expressing our official position. After speaking with Kim Jung Hyun, it was clearly confirmed that the drama-related controversy was not caused by Seo Ye-ji, and he has expressed his intention to announce his position on it. However, he said that it would take time to express his position because there are many problems overlapping. In the face of continuous escalation of controversy, we have received the opinion that it is okay to announce our position first and make our position clear. Once again, we apologize for the delay in expressing our position. Also, we sincerely apologize for the damage to the film's associates, other actors and reporters for Seo ye Ji not attending today's press preview of "Memories of Tomorrow." Apart from Kim Jung Hyun's position, we are expressing our position. It is hard to understand with common sense that the main actor of a drama, the subject of controversy, could behave as he or she did without his or her own free will and solely in accordance with someone else. It is practically impossible for an actor to perform and film without any will. It was not shown in the released conversation, but there was a conversation where Kim Jung Hyun also asked Seo Ye Ji, who was filming another drama, to not film a kiss scene, but Seo Ye Ji also exchanged jealous conversations between lovers about skinship with others. This can be seen as a common lovers' quarrel between actors and actresses who are lovers in the industry. However, all actors and actresses film normally, despite the arguments between lovers. We think Kim Jung Hyun must have had other inevitable personal circumstances. In addition, the reported conversation is a private one between individuals that should not be disclosed, so we think it caused a big misunderstanding because the conversation between lovers was not considered very private. As a result, we deeply regret the fact that we have caused concern to many people with personal immature feelings even when it comes to love affairs. Also, we have got a lot of questions regarding Seo Ye-ji's educational background recently, so we're take this opportunity to deliver the facts. Seo Ye-ji had prepared for admission to Madrid-based "Madrid Complutense University" in Madrid, Spain, but since then, she has not been able to attend college normally as she began her career in Korea. Also, we would like to say that the allegations of school violence are not true at all."

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