SEVENTEEN member Seungkwan celebrates 1000th day of ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha subunit

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan took to Instagram story to celebrate 1000 days of ASTRO’s first subunit Moonbin&Sanha debut and the fans love to see the friendship!

Updated on Jun 10, 2023   |  07:47 PM IST  |  387.8K
Seungkwan, Moonbin&Sanha; Picture Courtesy: PLEDIS, Fantagio Entertainment
Seungkwan, Moonbin&Sanha; Picture Courtesy: PLEDIS, Fantagio Entertainment
Key Highlight
  • SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan congratulates Moonbin&Sanha as they complete 1000 days of debut
  • Fans react to the emotional moment shared by Seungkwan

"Congratulations on your 1000th day of debut," said SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan in an Instagram post on June 10 in the afternoon. The cover image of Moonbin & Sanha's debut album, IN-OUT, can be seen in the image. Seungkwan also said, "I'll be back after listening to the album," which was a heartfelt expression of his feelings of remembrance. On September 14, 2020, Moonbin & Sanha released their first album together. 

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Moonbin passed away in April, and Seungkwan left a note in the memorial space to express his condolences. He admitted his longing for Moonbin recently, on the occasion of his 49th day of passing. According to Seungkwan, Moonbin's fans recently visited the cafe to express their gratitude and offer him comfort. He told him that he tried very hard not to cry. He had been so comforted by his fans. He stated, "I must wake up! I promised once more, I love you a lot, my friend," he said, "I think it will continue to be like this in the future. I must leave right now; I regret complaining. Bin-ah, see you tomorrow."

Seungkwan and Moonbin: 

Seungkwan and Moonbin were close friends who always supported each other through everything so after Moonbin passed away, Carats (SEVENTEEN’s fans) were worried for Seungkwan too and he had gone in and out of FML promotions as his health had deteriorated but he slowly got better and came out but still had him in his mind. Recently, he also posted some photos of him and Moonbin on his Instagram profile. Seungkwan said that he was the individual who made the world appear to be unique. Fitting in this way is difficult. Moonbin would always make sure to take a picture of any beautiful scenery they saw while they were walking for hours without a destination, look at the night sky, and get lost in their thoughts. When he made a late-night snack and went to bed, Moonbin sent him a picture of who had more swelling the next day. When they ate together, he smiled and said that they were doing well. 


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