SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan shares embarrassing anecdote about the time when TWICE did not react to his joke

Published on Jun 28, 2021 03:18 PM IST  |  311.6K
SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan | Photo Courtesy: News1

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan had come to do a V-LIVE where he shared an embarrassing experience that occurred while the group was promoting with the same promotion schedule as TWICE. Both the groups have had several promotion schedules at similar times because of which they happened to encounter each other. Netizens even calculated that the two mega groups have promoted together seven times till now which is a lot. Seungkwan revealed that on one of these days, he had jokingly asked TWICE if their companies should have discussed the dates of promotions in advance or not so that their promotions are either always together or never the same. He elaborated that he ‘internally’ felt like the two groups were close because of the schedules but he knew that was not the case. Nevertheless, his intention was just to make a light-hearted joke and relieve some tension for both the groups when they were working so hard for comebacks. 


What was embarrassing about this incident is that none of the TWICE members reacted to the joke at that moment, leaving Seungkwan extremely flustered. The SEVENTEEN member continued that there was an awkward silence after it and even his own group’s members rebuked saying why he was talking ‘nonsense’. In particular, it was Momo’s reaction which was very traumatic for Seungkwan. Later on a V-LIVE, TWICE’s Momo and Nayeon mentioned about this incident and clarified why they didn’t react at that time. Momo described that none of the members understood the joke Seungkwan cracked at that moment, nonetheless, they laughed at it after realising later. Momo even talked about this on their group chat! 


Netizens found this whole encounter to be extremely hilarious and endearing. They hoped Seungkwan would now be able to get over the embarrassment and wondered how he would feel knowing that he was mentioned on TWICE’s group chat. A few of them found it comical that Seungkwan’s bandmate Mingyu was not able to recall this incident but Momo remembered it in detail. Let’s thank Seungkwan for sharing such a funny and adorable interaction with the fans!


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