Seventeen’s Wonwoo makes his Instagram debut on his 25th birthday

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Seventeen Wonwoo; Picture Courtesy: News1

On July 17, Seventeen’s Wonwoo opened his personal Instagram account on his birthday and uploaded one post, which is of him posing in a light shirt and jeans on the sets of ‘Ready to Love’. He captioned it with a simple sun emoji and knowing Wonwoo’s personality, the caption describes him aptly. He currently has 683K followers (as of July 18) and his post gained about 560,000 likes. His group members Seungkwan, S.Coups and DK commented under his post. Seungkwan commented, “I really like your ID”; S.Coups commented “Follow?” and D.K sweetly wished Wonwoo, “Happy Birthday Wonwoo!”.



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Wonwoo had recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine and spoke of his creative process, the group’s ambitions and other behind the scene quips that fans do not get to see or hear about. When asked about the creative process, he said,“It’s meetings all day long – 10 to 15 meetings a week,” Wonwoo said. “We all give our opinions on costumes, promotion, social media – everything. This time around, we revised the choreography for the lead single repeatedly, even when there wasn’t much time left, because we wanted to make it even better.” 

He comments on their growth as a group,“Obviously we’ve been growing this whole time, but we put all the growth we’ve done until now into this album. I think all the time leading up to now was preparation. And now we’ve started to get just the right amount of water and sun, too. The only thing left to do now is to blossom.”

Wonwoo spent his birthday with his fans by holding a V Live despite his busy schedule. He also said, "I'm happy that Carats congratulated me. Thank you so much."

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