SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi speaks directly to fans about upcoming military service enlistment; know what he said

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, in a fan meeting, personally addressed about his upcoming mandatory military enlistment when asked by a CARAT. Know more.

Updated on Jun 15, 2024  |  07:44 PM IST |  119.2K
Hoshi (Image Credits- Pledis Entertainment)
Hoshi (Image Credits- Pledis Entertainment)
Key Highlight
  • Hoshi shared personally with fan about his upcoming military enlistment
  • He revealed he will enlist next year

One fan recently took to a video call fansign to personally ask SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi about his upcoming mandatory military enlistment. According to the CARAT (SEVENTEEN’s fandom name), they decided to inquire directly because the members have recently been discussing military service, hinting at enlistment.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi talks about enlistment to a fan

As many know, all men must enlist in the military in South Korea. In SEVENTEEN‘s case, the oldest Korean members, S.COUPS and Jeonghan, are expected to enlist in 2024. Born in 1995, they will both turn 29 that year, marking the end of their eligibility for postponement. S.COUPS is exempt from service due to a torn ligament injury. Meanwhile, Jeonghan has already made statements about his impending enlistment, causing panic among fans.

Next in line is the Korean 96-line in the group, consisting of Hoshi, Wonwoo, and Woozi. As they turn 28 in 2024, fans have started to express concern about their impending enlistment. One fan took the opportunity during a video call fansign to ask Hoshi about it personally. According to them, they decided to inquire directly because the members have recently been discussing military service.

In the fansign, Hoshi reassured fans that he would not be enlisting this year; instead, he plans to go next year. This news should put fans at ease, knowing that the 96-line members won’t be entering the military in 2024. This gives CARATs a year to mentally and emotionally prepare themselves for the temporary absence of their beloved boys.


More about Hoshi

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi turned 28 today, on June 15. As the leader of SEVENTEEN's performance team and a member of its subunit BSS, Hoshi released his debut solo mixtape titled Spider on April 2, 2021. BSS is an acronym derived from the first syllables of the names of its members: Boo (Boo Seungkwan), Seok (Lee Seokmin, known as DK), and Soon (Kwon Soonyoung, Hoshi's real name).

Hoshi was deeply involved in the production of the solo mixtape Spider, contributing to both the lyrics and performance aspects. Additionally, in 2023, Hoshi and his bandmate Joshua were selected to appear in TVING's reality show Bro and Marble in Dubai.

After Spider, Hoshi delighted fans with Tiger Power on June 24, 2021, playfully embracing his nickname 'tiger' amidst lively rhythms and bold lyrics. This unofficial release highlighted Hoshi's versatility and knack for captivating audiences with his infectious energy.

Continuing his solo journey, Hoshi teamed up with Tiger JK for Tiger, which dropped on July 28, 2022. In this release, he delivered impactful rap verses and an electrifying solo performance, showcasing his growth as an artist.


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