SF9’s Chani endorses renowned Soju brand Hite Jinro in their newly released ad

SF9’s Chani endorses renowned Soju brand Hite Jinro in their newly released ad
SF9's Chani SF9's Chani | Photo Courtesy: News1
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SF9’s Chani is now the new face of ‘Hite Jinro’ which is the world’s leading producer of soju. Earlier this year, Hite Jinro came back after halting production and was endorsed by SHINee. They advertised with the slogan that ‘Jinro is back’. The new advertisement features SF9’s Chani and the Hite Jinro’s mascot, which is a giant Asiatic Toad, in an adorable way as they melt the fans with their cuteness. 


Watch the advertisement here:



Hite Jinro is a distiller brand that is famous for its soju production. Soju is a Korean alcoholic drink made of rice or sweet potatoes. The Jinro soju is widely known by the name Chamisul. It is the world’s most popular liquor. Their unique packaging includes a temperature-sensitive paper on the bottle’s label on which the toad’s color is white if the bottle is warm and turns blue when the bottle is cold. It indicates that the soju is now ready to drink. This is a part of their marketing strategy. 


SF9 is a nine-member boyband under FNC Entertainment that debuted in 2016 with the album ‘Feeling Sensation’. Their name is short for ‘Sensational Feeling 9’. In SF9, Chani is the main dancer, rapper, vocalist and maknae. Nevertheless, Chani was also a child actor. Since then, he has acted in dramas like ‘Imitation’, ‘Signal’ and the highly-rated ‘Sky Castle’. Fans were surprised to see him in the new advertisement that shows Chani’s charms very well. They are showering him with love and compliments in the ad. 


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