SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hee Sun offered lead roles in webtoon adaptation drama, Tomorrow

Sports Chosun reported that SF9’s Rowoon has been offered a lead role for the same drama Kim Hee Sun is in discussion for.
SF9’s Rowoon and Kim Hee Sun offered lead roles in webtoon adaptation drama, Tomorrow
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On April 6, Sports Chosun reported that the singer, actor and SF9 group member Rowoon has received an offer to play the lead role in the fantasy webtoon, ‘Tomorrow’. He is being considered as the male lead, alongside Kim Hee Sun, who was reported to be offered the female lead role. Webtoon-based dramas are on the rise and there’s nothing that can stop them!

According to Sports Seoul, a source from FNC Entertainment, Rowoon’s agency, confirmed that Tomorrow is one of the dramas that the actor has received an offer for. The source also said that the actor is currently concentrating on filming his historical romance drama called Love (戀慕). The show ‘Tomorrow’ revolves around the main lead Choi Joon Woong and the team leader of grim reapers, Goo Ryun, the role that is offered to Kee Hee Sun. 


It’s about Choi Joon Woong accidentally ending up in a coma and becoming the youngest employee at a crisis management team of the top company of grim reapers, whose job is to take special care of people who want to commit suicide and help them continue living.


Fans are already waiting to see the charming Rowoon on the sageuk drama called ‘Love’. As for Kim Hee Sun, she received a lot of praise and won hearts by portraying two different characters in her most recent drama ‘Alice’. The show is slated to start production by the end of this year and release next year. 


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Anonymous 1 week ago

kim hee sun is really to much old for rowoon. she is 43 years old.i don't like it