SF9’s Rowoon dishes about the fun on ‘The King’s Affection’ sets & his prep for a sageuk role

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Rowoon in 'The King’s Affection' character poster
Rowoon in 'The King’s Affection' character poster : courtesy of KBS

The King’s Affection’ is an ongoing drama about a palace romance between a Crown Prince who is actually the Princess in disguise and her tutor from the royal academy. Park Eun Bin takes on the role of Lee Hwi who takes the place of her brother after his untimely death. Rowoon challenges the character of Jung Ji Woon, a tutor from the sikangwon (a special academy for the learning of Crown Princes). 


Talking about his preparation for a role different from his previous ones, Rowoon spoke on how a 100 percent sageuk drama allowed him to practise freedom. 

“At first, I thought there were typical acting skills required for a sageuk drama. But then I thought nothing is set in stone because no one living today has ever lived in that era. In that regard, the degree of freedom that I had in terms of portraying Ji-un gave me a good opportunity to try a new voice and new type of acting for the series.”


When asked about his chemistry with fellow actors and funny episodes from the set, Rowoon quipped, “The ‘funny episode’ question is a question that I get a lot when I work on a project. In ‘The King’s Affection’, there is a montage scene where Ji-un and Hwi have a drink. It was supposed to be a scene with no spoken dialogues. But we ad-lipped our conversation for about two minutes. It was fun and possible because we were well prepared in terms of analyzing our own characters and the setting of the scene.”


What is one reason the actor thinks fans should tune in to ‘The King’s Affection’?
“Intertwined relationships and romance blooming despite different status in a historical setting are the main points viewers should look forward to. In short, I'd say it's about love over class.”


As Rowoon previously mentioned how a particular line from the drama made him choose it but has been removed since, we look forward to his own secrets and a refreshing attempt from the popular actor and singer.


‘The King’s Affection’ airs every Monday-Tuesday at 9:30 PM KST (6 PM IST) on KBS2 and Netflix.


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