From Shimmer Lake to Untraceable, murder mysteries you should binge watch on the weekend

As the lockdown extends further, here's a list of spine-chilling murder mysteries for you to binge-watch over the weekends.
From Shimmer Lake to Untraceable, murder mysteries you should binge watch on the weekendFrom Shimmer Lake to Untraceable, murder mysteries you should binge watch on the weekend
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The Coronavirus pandemic has brought our daily lifestyle to a pause. With the lockdown extension orders passed by the government, all the shops, cinema halls, saloons, and other places have put their shutters down. The party animals are daydreaming on their couches! some are even dusting their homes and mopping the floors. While social-distancing and abiding by the lockdown is the only solution to the ongoing crisis, most of us are trying to make use of this time learning new things. Undoubtedly, we're confined to our homes but one thing’s for sure that we’ve definitely found ways to make the best use of our time by picking up a new hobby or honing existing skills.

Let’s be honest, watching the Coronavirus news all day long gets on to our nerves. Watching movies can be a great escape during this time. Most of us are sitting idle at home. We're missing going to our office and we need something to keep ourselves busy. Let's put our brains to work! we’ve all toyed with the idea of wanting to become a detective while staying at home and distancing oneself socially as the undercover agents do in films. With this week’s release of Mrs. Serial Killer, there's already a lot of mystery in the air so here we list down 7 more murder mysteries that you should definitely binge-watch over the weekend to unleash the detective within you.

Shimmer Lake

The 2017 Netflix thriller follows the story of a small-town sheriff hunting three bank robbery suspects, one of whom turns out to be his own brother. The dark comedy crime thriller is told backward with Benjamin Walker playing the role of a local sheriff unlocking the mystery of three small-town criminals and finding the root cause of the bank heist. The film is an inventive crime thriller reversing day by day through a week. The thriller is a typical neo-noir film that keeps you at the edge throughout. As the film is narrated backward, the gripping storyline maintains the suspense till the last minute and keeps the viewer hooked.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The name of the film is enough to build curiousity. One thinks of it as a sinister and cold-blooded murder movie but its something even more intriguing! Dr. Steven Murphy is a renowned cardiovascular surgeon who resides in a perfect household along with his wife and two children. Martin is a fatherless teen keeping an eye on the doctor involving himself in his life in a gradually unsettling manner. Soon, Dr. Steven's life is turned upside down when Martin reminds him of his long-forgotten transgression that is enough to risk his domestic bliss.

The Invisible Guest

The kind of film that will make you want to check under the bed, behind the curtains, and make sure that your door is locked before you sleep at night. A young businessman wakes up in a locked hotel room next to his dead lover's body. He is framed for her murder and in his defense, he hires a prestigious lawyer to represent him in the court. He stands a weak chance of proving his innocence and has got just one night to find out what happened and present proof in his trial.


The 2019 American psychological thriller is a brainteaser for all the movie buffs out there. The story revolves around Ray, who feels gulled after his wife and injured daughter disappear from the emergency room in the hospital. Ray and his wife have an argument over their relationship while Ray is driving to a party organised by his parents. The heated discussion leads to an accident after which they land into a hospital. However, when Ray wakes up, the hospital authorities deny having a record of his wife and daughter which makes him suspicious of their intentions.

Murder on the Orient Express

After a murder takes place on a train journey, a detective decides to investigate the matter and find the culprit amongst the passengers aboard. In the process of hunting down the killer, the detective also learns about many shocking revelations and the true identity of the victim. The 2017 thriller is available on Disney plus and it is indeed a perfect pick for fun weekends.


The American thriller film revolves around an elusive serial killer who posts live videos of his brutal murders on a website in order to tease the FBI. Jennifer Marsh, an FBI agent, is assigned the task to track down the psychopath but the chase only gets more complicated and intense as the psychotic serial killer won't back down and continue with his heinous crime to mock the intelligence force. It is available on Amazon Prime Videos.

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