Shin Min Ah talks about Our Season; says 'A film close to her heart, filled with warmth'

During an interview conducted on the 4th at a café in Seoul, Shin Min Ah, making a comeback to audiences through the movie Our Season, shared her profound fondness for the film. To know more, read on.

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Shin Min Ah in Our Season; Image Courtesy: Eon Talk
Shin Min Ah in Our Season; Image Courtesy: Eon Talk
Key Highlight
  • Shin Min Ah reflects on her experience and fondness for K-film Our Season
  • Fans lauded Kim Woo Bin for girlfriend Shin Min Ah's film Our Season's VIP premiere

In a recent interview at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, actress Shin Min Ah shared her heartfelt sentiments about her latest movie, Our Season, directed by Yuk Sang Hyo. Reconnecting with audiences after a hiatus, Shin Min Ah expressed her joy at the film's theatrical release, underscoring the challenging journey before its premiere.

Shin Min Ah expresses affection for her recent work, Our Season

Describing the set of 'Three Days of Vacation' as a haven, she fondly recalled the camaraderie among the cast and crew, particularly praising the director's nurturing environment and the remarkable presence of veteran actress Kim Hae Sook. Despite the wintry filming conditions in Jeongseon, she cherished the cozy moments amidst the cold.

Moved to tears during the preview, Shin Min Ah confessed that immersing herself in the story triggered an emotional response, acknowledging the profound depth of the characters and their journey.

When questioned about the film's emotional depth, she emphasized its universal themes of familial bonds and inevitable partings, recognizing the relatable essence of the narrative.

Touching on the film's poignant portrayal of loss and relationships, Shin Min Ah empathized with the emotions conveyed, acknowledging the resonance of the storyline with a wide audience. Admitting her personal connection to the theme of separation, she underscored the film's ability to delicately address weighty subjects within a fantastical framework.


Her insights into Our Season highlighted its potential to stir deep emotions and resonate with viewers, setting the stage for a compelling and empathetic cinematic experience.

Our Season unfolds as a comforting fantasy tale centering on Bok Ja (played by Kim Hae Sook), a mother descending from the heavens for a respite, and Jin Ju (portrayed by Shin Min Ah), her daughter managing a rice soup eatery based on her mother’s cherished recipes. Scheduled for release on December 6, the film promises a heartfelt exploration of their intertwined lives and the magical moments that ensue.

Watch a sneak-peek into Our Season here.

Kim Woo Bin garnered praise for marking attendance at VIP screening of girlfriend Shin Min Ah’s Our Season

At the VIP premiere of Our Season, starring Shin Min Ah, actor Kim Woo Bin, rumored to be in a relationship with the leading lady, made a striking appearance, capturing the hearts of fans. Not only did he pose for pictures, but he also stood out as a beacon of support for his girlfriend, emphasizing their close bond.

Among the constellation of stars attending the premiere were Han Ji Hyun, Eugene, Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Jong Suk, Ji Sung, Uee, and others, showcasing solidarity within the entertainment industry.

This isn't the first instance of the couple's supportive gestures. Back in 2016, while filming Uncontrollably Fond, Shin Min Ah surprised Kim Woo Bin on set with a thoughtful food truck gesture. Their enduring bond demonstrated through moments like these and Shin Min Ah's steadfast support during Kim Woo Bin's health challenges in 2017, has become an inspiration to fans. The enduring commitment and mutual encouragement displayed by Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah continue to be a beacon of love and support for their admirers.

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