SHINee to hold a special live to celebrate their 13th debut anniversary

2021 is proving to be a lot better for Shawols! Read on to know more details.
SHINee members promoting the release of their album The Story of Light in 2017 SHINee members at a promotional event for their album The Story Light in 2017. (Pic Credits: News 1)
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Shawols, it’s time to mark your calendars again! With Taemin’s solo concert, news for his solo single, their comeback in the start of 2021, the group’s been really busy and is back again with a special live broadcast for their fans! SHINee debuted back in 2008 and is considered one of the most prominent second generation K-Pop groups. Their recent album ‘Don’t Call Me’ garnered many awards and love from the fans as it was their comeback after two years.

According to reports, SHINee has planned a special live broadcast for their beloved Shawols to celebrate their 13th debut anniversary with. The live show is titled ‘SHINee Day’ and will stream on Naver’s platform VLive on May 25, 8 PM KST. As it’s supposed to be a celebration, fans can expect many entertaining things such as games, a round of Q&As and much more and it’s going to be a bit similar to an online fan meeting. 


Meanwhile, on the solo activities front, Taemin has teased about his solo mini-album titled ‘Advice’ which is slated to release on May 18. He also gave fans a short glimpse of it by performing the title track, named the same as the album, in his solo concert live yesterday. On the other hand, Minho has been continuing with his acting and is reportedly going to make a special appearance in the upcoming Kim Go Eun drama, ‘Yumi’s Cells’. 


So Shawols, how excited are you to spend the day with your beloved idols? Let us know in the comments below!


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Know more about SHINee!

On which date did SHINee debut?
SHINee debuted on May 22, 2008 with their EP 'Replay'

How many members are there in SHINee?
Originally, there were five members - Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin and Jonghyun. Joghyun passed away in December 2017.

Who is the leader in SHINee?
SHINee's leader is Onew

What is Taemin's enlistment date?
Taemin will be enlisting in the military on May 31, 2021

How did Jonghyun die?
Joghyun reportedly committed suicide due to severe depression