SHINee members invite you to their vibrant fantasy land in brand new Atlantis teaser

SHINee has released their music video teaser for Atlantis! Read on to find out.
SHINee,Atlantis SHINee members invite you to their vibrant fantasy land in brand new Atlantis teaser
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It seems like SHINee members are making the most of the new year already! SHINee members released their seventh album Don't Call Me, accompanied by the eponymous title track on February 22. The album consisted of nine unique and diverse tracks - Don't Call Me (title track), Heart Attack, Marry You, Code, I Really Want You, Kiss Kiss, Body Rhythm, Attention and Kind. The album spans several various genres such as pop, hip hop, EDM, R&B, and reggae.

Now, we have got the official MV teaser for their upcoming repackaged album, Atlantis. The music video teaser opens with members dressed in colourful attire with references to the ocean and marine life. The members look cute as they transport us to a fantasy land of their own. The teaser ends with an upbeat tune, giving us an insight into the sound of the upcoming title track. 

You can check the music video teaser here:

On April 4, SHINee members hosted their first-ever online concert titled, SHINee WORLD. The broadcast was conducted virtually via the online performance platform Beyond LIVE. The platform was launched by SM Entertainment in collaboration with Naver last year. This was This is SHINee’s first concert in three years since the SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018-FROM NOW ON Japan concert tour. Atlantis will be digitally released worldwide on April 12, and the physical album will drop on April 15.

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