SHINee: Minho REVEALS how Key roasted him for coming to support Taemin's performance wearing his uniform

In his first V Live session, since being discharged from the military, Minho revealed the hilarious way in which Key roasted him for still wearing his uniform to support Taemin's recent performance at SBS Inkigayo, where along with Onew, we finally got SHINee's epic reunion.
SHINee: Minho REVEALS how Key roasted him for coming to support Taemin's performance wearing his uniform
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While it's only been a few days since SHINee member Minho was discharged from the military, Shawols are already being treated with plenty of hilarious bickering, courtesy of the '91 line besties Minho and Key. Moreover, during his first V Live session, since his return, Minho revealed a funny anecdote from SHINee's reunion (along with Onew) at SBS Inkigayo, to support Taemin's performance.

"Honestly, yesterday, I was discharged and I went to support Taemin at the music show. I missed them so much that I went straight over but Key said, 'Why did you wear your uniform?' and told the staff to kick me out," Minho recalled and added, "Of course I knew that if I wore the uniform, people would only be looking at me, so I didn’t want to wear it either. But logistically speaking, I have to travel from Pohang to Seoul and it takes four hours, plus I wanted to reach before the performance. Humans have to eat too right, so we left right after eating," via Koreaboo.

Minho then shared a message aimed directly at Key, saying, "To Key who said that, I’m really hurt! And, also! Before I entered the army, I told you to try to match the leave days so I can see you but you ignored my texts. I met up with all the other members except you! I missed you so I hugged you but you commented on the uniform – isn’t that too much?"

"And saying you’re leaving the live-stream because I talk about soccer? You need to reflect and look back on yourself. You need some time for reflection! They said you will reflect in the army but you didn’t! You need to re-enlist," Minho quipped.

About the soccer quip, Key shared a screenshot from Minho's V Live session on Instagram and wrote, "I lost my senses at the soccer talk. I’m leaving first."

While Onew surprised Minho by gatecrashing his V Live session and speaking to Key on the phone, when Minho asked him why he ignores his texts, Key jokingly revealed, "I don't know how to type."

Check out Minho's cute, frustrated expressions while talking about Key and Key's witty IG post about Minho's V Live session below:



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We adore these two and how!