SHINee’s comeback single Don’t Call Me gets its first win at Show Champion!

The two year and six months’ hiatus now seems worth the wait as the group’s latest album, Don’t Call Me, achieves first place in the show!
SHINee’s comeback single Don’t Call Me gets its first win at Show Champion!
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Today’s a great day for Shawols! SHINee's recent comeback on February 22, 2021, with their seventh full-length album, Don’t Call Me, was nothing less than grand. And what better way to celebrate this return than an incredible win on Show Champion? To date, their title track Don’t Call Me’s MV has garnered 27+M views!

SHINee debuted in 2008 and with Don’t Call Me’s first win, Shawols are also celebrating the group’s 60th overall win! Their last album, The Story of Light, was released in three varied Eps in 2018. Thanks to the ever-loyal Shawols, the comeback title track became the group’s fastest video to reach one million and break its own record. The comeback trended on Twitter even in February, and so is the win today! SHINee can always trust Shawols to celebrate their smallest to biggest wins and share the happiness with the whole world!

Take a look at the official tweet!



Getting the award for the Champion Song is a well-deserved win! Wondering why? Check out their MV below and you’ll know:

The song talks about a person betrayed by love, has an addictive choreography, and of course, incredible vocals!

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Have you congratulated them on their first win yet? What’s your favourite song from the tracklist? Tell us in the comments below!