SHINee’s Key fights troubling aliens in teaser images for ‘BAD LOVE’

Published on Sep 16, 2021 02:56 PM IST  |  99.9K
SHINee Key's 'BAD LOVE' teaser image: Courtesy SM Entertainment
SHINee Key's 'BAD LOVE' teaser image: Courtesy SM Entertainment

Are you ready to travel to outer space with SHINee’s Key? Because soon, you will! On September 16 KST, SHINee’s Key revealed a new set of teaser photos for his upcoming album ‘BAD LOVE’ releasing on September 27 at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST) and it is needless to say that fans are thrilled!

In the latest photos, the singer can be seen dressed like an intelligence agent, wearing a black suit with his slick blonde hair. Key holds a gun in his hand as he hides behind huge rocks, awaiting the right moment to shoot his enemies. Two strange aliens, who appeared in the previously released teaser images make a cameo once again. 

Here are the new teaser images for ‘BAD LOVE’.

These images are similar to the previous ones in the sense that Key is still stuck on an unknown pink planet. However, it seems like a story is being knitted with new information revealed each day.

Prior to this, the singer also revealed a pre-release track ‘Hate That...’ featuring Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, giving fans a sneak peek into the album. The song released on August 30 KST talked about the frustration one feels after moving out of a relationship and the sadistic nature of human beings, wanting their ex-lovers to feel the same agony.

The new and unique concept of the album inclusive of outer space, aliens and a love story amidst all the mess has successfully made fans curious about what awaits.

This will be Key’s solo comeback after a long time since his last project ‘I Wanna Be’, a repackaging for his solo debut album ‘Face’.

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