SHINee talks about Taemin’s solo concert, their future solo releases & more in their LIVE!

On April 13, SHINee greeted fans with a VLive talking about their new album ‘Atlantis’, a candid conversation, and also revealed their future plans! Read on to know more.
Official poster for SHINee's latest album, Atlantis SHINee talks about Taemin’s solo concert, their future solo releases & more in their LIVE!
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SHINee was never a group to back down! For their promotions and to show love to the fans, they came on VLive and showcased their goofy relations again! They talked about their upcoming plans for solo releases, concerts and so much more. The legendary group launched their repackaged album, ‘Atlantis’ on April 12 and it doesn’t look like they’re going to take a breather. 

Today, on April 13, SHINee appeared on a VLive broadcast titled ‘SHINee’s Sailing: Finding Atlantis’, to promote their latest song ‘Atlantis’, and shared various BTS anecdotes of the album, along with information about future ventures. OneW spoke about how he’s been practicing for a musical for a month, and yet there’s so much still left. Member Taemin spoke about lending his voice to the OST for the hit, ongoing drama ‘Navillera’. Key commented about making an appearance on ‘Amazing Saturday’, and starring in the reality show, ‘Home Alone’ (‘I Live Alone’). Also, member Minho shared about appearing on KBS’s ‘The Return of Superman’ to visit friends Na Eun, Gun Hoo, Jin Woo. He joked and said how it was impossible not to love them, just like Taemin.


The members spoke about their upcoming plans and gave the fans enough details to whet their appetite. Taemin also gave spoilers about his solo album! He said that he’ll release a solo album and perform a solo concert on Beyond LIVE on May 2. Minho and the members then joked about his role in the drama asking, ‘You play a cell, right?’ - Minho is confirmed to act in the upcoming drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’. 


On the other hand, Onew will be taking part in a musical named ‘Midnight Sun’, and the group as a whole would be hosting a fan event to celebrate their debut anniversary. While Onew is planning to release his solo album in September, Key’s album will be released in July, if things go well.


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