SHINee's Minho can't help but get teased by Jessi noona for his handsome face on Jessi's Showterview

In the latest episode of Jessi's Showterview, SHINee's Minho gets teased endlessly by his "noona" and it's a treat to watch!
SHINee's Minho can't help but get teased by Jessi noona for his handsome face on Jessi's Showterview
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In the latest episode of Showterview with Jessi, a celebrity talk show hosted by none other than rapper, singer, songwriter Jessi, SHINee's Minho is seen matching steps with Jessi's playfulness but not without getting endlessly teased about it. One of the first things Jessi brings up are the shoulder pads on his blazer which makes his head look peanut-sized and his red hair colour. While Minho does explain that it is because of SHINee's upcoming comeback, that doesn't stop him from being teased by Jessi. 

Next, Jessi hits on the fact that Minho was seen crying in an episode of Law of the Jungle, the survival variety show that Minho is currently appearing in. Jessi asks him why he cried and asserts that it couldn't have been due to lack of 3 meals a day but just as Minho is about to reveal the reason why, he redirects it to an advertisement for the show instead. Jessi is visibly annoyed which prompts Minho to immediately bow in apology. 

In the next segment, Jessi reads the cue cards out loud, complimenting Minho cheesily and while it was scripted, Minho is not only surprised but also secondhand embarrassed! In return, he compliments her back in an equally corny way and the interaction is as adorable as it gets. Jessi confronts him about his handsomeness to which Minho replies by saying that he thinks he's just average. Jessi protests vigorously, saying she has never seen a man so pretty yet manly. 

You can watch Minho's full interview with Jessi below:

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