SHINee's Minho shares his love for Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant's film Notting Hill post rewatching the romcom

SHINee member Minho, who was discharged from his mandatory military service last year, revealed in an interview as to what kind of movie or drama characters he wants to play in the future.
SHINee's Minho shares his love for Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant's film Notting Hill post rewatching the romcom
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SHINee member Minho has been a busy man ever since he was discharged from the military last year as the Princes of K-pop are gearing up for their highly-awaited comeback, set to take place in February. Moreover, the 29-year-old singer and actor also has a recurring role in Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won starrer Lovestruck in the City as the loveable police officer Oh Dong-sik.

In a recent interview with GQ Korea, Minho was asked what kind of characters he wants to play in the future, whether it be in a movie or a drama. To this, the Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth star confessed that the characters he plays need to fit his age which leads to a lot of limitations. Hence, in the future, Minho would love to tackle characters in "film noir and romantic genres." One of Minho's favourite film noirs, and even his favourite movie of all time, is Kim Jee-woon's classic 2005 film A Bittersweet Life, starring Lee Byung-hun.

Minho also won many hearts when he gushed about his love for Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant's beloved 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill. "The movie I saw in the past, but recently saw again and loved is Notting Hill. I love the romantic relationship between the characters, but the background, the music and the colours. All these things are so beautiful. I felt it when re-watching it," Minho shared with GQ Korea.

As if we needed another reason to love Mr. Flaming Charisma!

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What kind of characters would you love to see Minho play when it comes to his future acting projects? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Anonymous 3 months ago

I fall in love when ever i watch you, your innocence. Make me to look at you always, I may not meet u, but you are in my ❤️ always, god bless you.... Waiting for more plays of yours....

Anonymous 3 months ago

Nottinh is also one of my all time favorite movies. *****

Anonymous 3 months ago

I rewatched Notting Hills just yesterday.. It's beautiful the relationship between them is unexplainable and Julia Roberts is my favorite actress but with Hugh Grant perfect delight, heartwarming I would say. A must watch movie, and the last scene- Indefinitely!...