Singer and actor Park Jihoon captures attention through his boyish charm in interview pictures with W Korea

Published on Jun 24, 2021 11:35 AM IST  |  404.7K
The official character poster of Park Ji Hoon's character in At A Distance, Spring Is Green

Park Jihoon recently released a pictorial with the fashion magazine W Korea on June 22. He showed off his versatile charms by switching between monochrome and colour. In the sensual black-and-white picture, Park Jihoon is stroking his slightly wet hair and gazing into nothingness. While Park Jihoon is wearing a casual checkered shirt and exuding natural charm, his sharp jawline and sharp nose catch eyes.

In another pictorial cut, he is lying on a carpet and looking at the camera, exuding a lazy mood. Park Jihoon exuded a soft charisma with a warm look in a knitted outfit, and made his visuals stand out even more with a gorgeous blonde hair style.

The photoshoot images and interview where you can feel Park Jihoon's colourful charms can be found in the July issue of W Korea published on June 21 and through their website.

In the interview, Park Jihoon shares that his personality, when it comes to making friends, is very similar to the At a Distance, Spring Is Green character that he plays. Just like Yeo Joon, he cannot seem to make friends easily.

He also revealed his cute persona was his image at the time of debut but there were things he wanted to change. "As time passed, I felt it change naturally without me knowing. People can't be cute forever."

The interviewer mentioned his experience as a child actor, bringing up the series The King and I where he portrayed a scene of being castrated. Park Jihoon laughed remembering the scene. "I vaguely remember I wasn't able to fully understand the work, but what I need to know about the situation of  'a child who becomes a eunuch' can help me act. The moment I was castrated, the crew poured grape juice in front of me. I remember getting grape juice instead of blood."

He also shared a little about the character he is now playing and how similar he is to the character. He refrained from sharing much to avoid spoilers but what he shared was enough to make us feel closer to the former Wanna One member.

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