Sisyphus: The Myth bids goodbye with numerous unanswered questions; Are the plot holes too obvious?

"Sisyphus: The Myth" broadcasted its final episode on Thursday, April 8 although it doesn't feel like the end.

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Sisyphus: The Myth bids goodbye with numerous unanswered questions; Are the plot holes too obvious?
Sisyphus: The Myth bids goodbye with numerous unanswered questions; Are the plot holes too obvious?

Recently, drama ratings have been sluggish for JTBC and Sisyphus: The Myth could do nothing to salvage it. The ratings hit the lowest for the penultimate episode with 3.4 percent which rose to 4.4 percent for the finale. The impeccable, three-dimensional acting skills of the cast couldn't stop the downfall of the series.

Episode 15 presents us with more of Sigma's past that is quite reminiscent of "Joker" but one that can manipulate time. We also witness a transition of the character. Kim Seo Jin and Kim Seung Bok go their separate ways. It was expected if Han Tae Sul is what is spoken about the most between the couple. They had decided that the end would be leaving us in tears, whatever the reason. Choi Jae Sun sacrificed himself for Kang Seo Hae. That is something worth crying over as the series met its end. Jung Hyun Gi, finally, realised that he has been used as a pawn. He storms to The Control Bureau but how that ended was not shown.

The story completes full circle. We get back to the time before Kang Seo Hae was sent back in time. There was a confrontation with Sigma that resulted in her being drugged and then uploaded to the sent to the past as soon as she woke up. With some added details, it gave the moment a much needed weight. But back to the present, we realise that it was Sigma's plan all along to make the leads fall in love with each other. So whatever we have seen so far was a puppet show set up by a single person.

In the very first episode of the series we witnessed how quick on his feet Han Tae Sul can be and how he could fix anything. But if you have forgotten that in the journey so far, the final episode will remind you. That guy is a mad genius. He uses time, with his "where-when" dialogue, to shoot Sigma. Then begins the loop and we see how all this came to being. But we did miss an element - Kim Seung Bok. “Save the world or save the girl?” has been a consistent tagline of the series. But knowing Han Tae Sul, he found his own way. Why not “save both”? He therefore promptly sacrifices himself. Everything comes to a standstill. The missiles that are about to hit Korea disappear, Mr Park and his team smile at each other and disappear, Agnes and the orphans disappear. The war did not happen. Everyone was saved.

We are back to the plane ride but this time with Kang Seo Hae accompanying Han Tae Sul. No trouble in paradise. Or is there? We cut to Seo Gil Bok and a diary with various names and words that relate to time travel and our key characters. Is Sigma really gone?

The visual effects, soundtrack and general action scenes have been pretty good throughout Sisyphus: The Myth. The moments in the post-apocalyptic future have been fascinating to watch. It really had been enjoyable to watch at times. The greatest downfall has been the writing. Despite some nice ideas, the show has completely butchered its landing and execution. Nothing here makes any logical sense, especially when you break it down and examine each of the different characters’ journeys up until this point.

In fact, unanswered questions are the key ingredient here. Was Sigma’s real motivation just that he hates Han Tae Sul and wants his life? How did Han Tae Sul and Kang Seo Hae not get stuck in a time paradox at the end by shooting Sigma dead? Why waste so much time with The Control Bureau, if none of their characters get their comeuppance? 

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