Sisyphus: The Myth Episodes 3 & 4 show a glimpse of the future; Why do the returners come back?

In this week of Sisyphus: The Myth, Han Tae Sul gets a glimpse of the future and deduces the reasons behind the time travel.
Sisyphus: The Myth Episodes 3 & 4 show a glimpse of the future; Why do the returners come back?
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Sisyphus takes over this week with an adrenaline-soaked episode full of tense segments and a really solid tone and pace. So far, Sisyphus has managed to maintain an air of mystery and kept up its fast-paced opener. Episode three was essentially split in half with the first part focusing on Han Tae Sul and the chaos created while leaving the arena while the second part focuses on the characters and their bonds. Episode 4 fleshes out the story, even though it does so in parts, introducing us to their conspiracy-filled world.

Assault and Escape

We begin with a conference environment with tension; this scene keeps you on edge, making you feel the lead character is in grave danger.

Han Tae Sul turns up despite numerous threats on his life. He presents his latest project on stage, where he teleports a polymer compound via quantum teleportation. Kang Seo Hae enters the room and shouts for Tae-sul to get down. As she does, the sniper shoots the CEO, and everyone is in panic and leaves the conference. Some incredibly choreographed action scenes follow as Kang Seo Hae fights the unknown life form and escapes with Han Tae Sul. The news reports an attack on the conference, but the kidnapping has been kept as a secret from the company. Meanwhile, Kim Seung Bok is told to see this as an opportunity to take over Quantum & Time. Board politics has already begun.

Mr Park and the Unofficial Embassy

More characters start to merge their world with the lead characters.

Our leads are abducted by Mr Park - who Tae Sul spoke to on the phone in the previous week's episode - and his group of misfits. They are taken to what looks like a shop and shown around the area with shotguns pointing at them. Mr Park tells Han Tae Sul and Kang Seo Hae that it was an unofficial embassy and they looked after people who came here from “the other side”. He tells Han Tae Sul that the Control Bureau people tried to kill them and that they are safe with him. Han Tae Sul is asking many questions, but Mr Park wants the key to the safe, which seems to be the key in Han Tae San's suitcase.

Glimpse of the future

Kang Seo Hae listens to music and walks around a town that’s run down and empty. That is a future where civilization appears to be ruined. Episode 4 gives the audience a snippet into the future, where money seems meaningless, and the past brings a sense of wonder and nostalgia.

Mr Park talks about how people try to come to the “other side'' and the Control Bureau catches them before they can integrate themselves into society. He also reveals that something similar happened with Han Tae San. We, along with Han Tae Sul, see how the returners travel back in time.

Hyeong Gi, our returner, used to work for the Control Bureau - his first mission was to kill her, and he apologises for what he did to her.

Kang Seo Hae is captured

As our leads and the returner try to escape from the Control Bureau a fight breaks out. Kang Seo Hae causes a diversion to help Han Tae Sul and the returner, Hyeong Gi, but gets captured. Refusing to let Kang Seo Hae go, Han Tae Sul crashes their vehicle and helps her escape. Our leads are inseparable already - one with the brains and one with the brawns.

The "Downloader"

The Downloader is a quantum teleporter that helps the returners travel back in time. It’s plainly obvious already that Han Tae Sul is behind this technology. Kang Seo Hae tells Han Tae Sul that they will keep tracking him down to kill him and mentions “Sigma”. She believes it’s because he invented the teleporter and that she was there to protect him and stop him from inventing it.

The ending

We can't help but mention the beautiful ending to episode 4.

Han Tae Sul and Kang Seo Hae continue to be chased with plenty of cars behind them. They notice a roadblock on the bridge, and they have no choice but to brake. They are surrounded and situate themselves behind the car. Han Tae Sul wants to jump into the water, but Kang Seo Hae is anxious about it. She grabs his hand, and they jump off together. While in mid-air, she is shot in the shoulder and lets go of his hand.

She floats to the bottom, her diary opens - the writing is wishing Han Tae Sul a “happy birthday” and by the time he reads this, she’ll be dead. She asks the reader to send the uploader into the past and save Han Tae Sul - “If he lives, the war can be stopped”. Kang Seo Hae then opens her eyes and sees Han Tae Sul swimming towards her.

The preview for next week seems to hint that we’ll be spending some time with Hyeong Gi from the current timeline and see him recruited to the Control Bureau.

Sisyphus has so far kept the tension going for its four episodes and this show is definitely becoming ever more interesting as the episodes tick by. The whole idea of these men and women jumping back to kill Han Tae Sul is a paradox unto itself if you think about it. If they kill him then everything is rewritten and undone, essentially starting a new timeline. But then if they’re the ones to do it then they themselves would fade completely. That 10-minute opener helps to add some big stakes to what everyone is fighting for. There’s definitely a war coming but how bad was it if the world ends up this way?

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