On Smiling Angel Daesung’s birthday, here are some fun facts about the singer that you might not know about!

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On Smiling Angel Daesung’s birthday, here are some fun facts about the singer that you might not know about!

April 26 holds a lot of importance for K-Pop fans, majorly because of Daesung! Born on April 26, 1989, Daesung turns 32 years old today and we can’t help but dedicate today to him. A member of one of the most iconic and prominent K-Pop bands, a singer, a trot singer, actor and a TV personality, Daesung has been melting even the most steely of hearts since his debut! 


Daesung debuted with BIGBANG in 2006 and as a solo artist in 2008. He has had an incredible journey in the K-Pop industry and today, we’re bringing you some fun facts about him. Take a look!


1. Daesung was a powerhouse since the very start 


Most of the idols that we see who sit at the A-list table are the ones who have always had the passion and determination to be an artist, even since childhood. And Daesung was one of them. In an act of rebellion and determination, he left his house for a whole week. Why? To gain permission from his parents to let him pursue music because they were strictly against it. 


2. He’s a great drummer. And has a secret YouTube account. Or does he not? 


One quality of Daesung everyone loves is that he is an incredible drummer! He even performed an intro of their song during the band’s concert tour! Because of his impeccable drumming skills, speculations have been rife that the YouTube channel named D’splay is actually BIGBANG Daesung’s account! With no mention of the name or identity given away in any way, many fans speculate that the voice of the drummer is of Daesung’s! 


3. He is the second only after Michael Jackson to achieve an incredible feat


Japanese K-Pop fans might hardly not know Daesung or D-LITE, his Japanese stage name. He was the first ever KPop artist who sold 100,000 seats for two consecutive days in a Japan tour! Not just that, he even was ranked the second male artist solo to have two back-to-back number one albums in Japan, behind only the legend Michael Jackson. 


4. He was almost going to get hit by fireworks if it wasn’t for his teammate 


During one of their world tours called BIGBANG MADE, Daesung was nearly going to get hurt. Fireworks have always been a key part of concerts around the world and so was it one for their concerts in Malaysia. Daesung was standing pretty close to the fireworks, and maybe either forgot about it or didn’t know where they were placed. Thankfully, Seungri ran up and pulled him away from the front section of the stage. Only a few seconds after, fireworks shot up at the sky. 


5. He loves to take great care of his skin, leaving GD’s mom jealous


BIGBANG once appeared on the variety show ‘Come to Play’ but for some reason Daesung couldn’t attend it and fans are a bit glad for it. If it weren’t for him not attending the show, G-Dragon wouldn’t have been spilling the beans about him! He talked about how Daesung loved taking care of his skin and owned an incredible amount of beauty products. He even said that his mom is jealous of him as she once visited his room and saw all of them!


6. He almost wouldn’t have been a part of BIGBANG because of THIS reason


Fashion senses evolve over time. That was the same case with Daesung. In a years old interview, Daesung mentioned that he almost didn’t make it as a part of BIGBANG due to his fashion! And now look at him. He’s absolutely stunning!


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