Somebody Early Review: Kim Young Kwang is a frightening figure; Kang Hae Lim has surprising motives

Netflix has released the 8 episodes of ‘Somebody’, a psycho-thriller series that explores the most gritty desires of humans, starring Kim Young Kwang, Kang Hae Lim and more.

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The drama follows Kim Sum (Kang Hae Lim) who is a developer for social connecting app ‘Somebody.’ Even though she has difficulty communicating with other people, she is friends with Mok Won (Kim Yong Ji) and Gi Eun (Kim Soo Yeon). Her friend Gi Eun works as a detective. A murder takes place and the app ‘Somebody’ is involved in the murder case. Architectural designer Sung Yun Oh (Kim Young Kwang) appears in front of Kim Sum and her friends. Sung Yun Oh is an attractive man, but he seems to be hiding something. Meanwhile, Gi Eun investigates the murder case with help of Mok Won.

Here’s the review for the first two episodes of the drama: 

Warning: Mention of abuse, gore and violence. Reader’s discretion is advised. 

Spoilers ahead: 

Episode 1 begins with a young Kim Sum who was whisked away by a thug who wanted her help in rigging slot machines and as she had Asperger’s Syndrome, her strength were computers and she managed to do so, making him very happy. Using one of the slot machines, she programmed a social chatting app called ‘Somebody’ and presented it at her school. While the rest of the students had something seemingly more unique, she had a simple program but it was more than just a chatting program. 

Seeing her potential, Samantha (Choi Yoo Ha), an accomplished programmer,  took her under her wing and worked on the app. Cut to present time and the app has spread world-wide, making it the most used app by many. Ultimately, it became a dating and hook up app but even the love for it wasn’t enough to wash away the marr of a sociopath using the app to lure lonely women to rape and murder them. The person behind it is Sung Yun Oh, a seemingly nice architect who buries many bodies in the night. 

While chatting with many online, Kim Sum comes across Sung Yun Oh and she is instantly drawn to him despite knowing that he is behind all the murders that have been happening in the city. She found him alluring and fascinating, like a moth to a flame, she followed him to his office and spoke to him. Seeing her open to him caused him to bring out some feelings of his own, which made him aware of her pull and decided not to engage with her. The drama also focuses on two other women, Mok Won, a lesbian shaman and Gi Eun, a differently abled cop. It seems as though Kim Sum, Mok Won and Gi Eun are friends or more but the director never explicitly goes into details in the first two episodes. Mok Won lives two separate lives- as a religious shaman in the morning and a rebellious lesbian in the night. Gi Eun does not let anything hold her back from finding love. She meets up with a man who is also wheelchair bound but it turns out to be Sung Yun Oh. Episode 2 ends with viewers thinking he killed her but in the last minute, the camera pans to her dragging her body in the forest and while that looks pitiful already, her swearing revenge on Yun Oh makes her all the more fierce. 

Here are some jarring yet amazing points of the drama so far: 


The music and space were fine-tuned to allow viewers to get closer to the heart of the character who is rising through the situation. Avoiding the use of artificial sound effects, which often appear when maintaining suspense, chose music that stands out with violin and piano melodies. The space was designed and colored differently to reflect the unique characteristics of each character. Director Jung Ji Woo, who meticulously calculated and directed even the smallest details in order to get closer to the inner psychology of the characters, uses these classical pieces to give the right emotions even in the most insignificant scene.

The underlying message 

The series explores the idea of loneliness and sexual liberation in women through the female characters. In a time when online interaction is largely found compared to one-on-one, people find themselves craving human touch and sincere attention from one person. In search of that, many people trust an anonymous person, not realizing the danger they put themselves in. 

The female characters 

Kang Hae Lim, Kim Yong Ji and Kim Soo Yeon are a knockout in the series and they are all about being strong and fleshed out characters. They have the viewers’ attention from the minute they come on screen and their unique personalities feel real and raw- like we are seeing someone we know move about, enjoying their life. 

Kim Young Kwang 

From the minute the teaser was out, fans were excited to see him in a villainous role and he has delivered that with the utmost talent and grace! For someone who has never really embarked on an antagonist role, he did a great job at portraying the sociopathic Sung Yun Oh, leaving viewers gobsmacked at some of the gory and violent scenes. 

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