Song Joong Ki's Vincenzo will not air next week & THIS is the reason why

tvN drama Vincenzo to air episodes 15 and 16 on April 10 and 11 in its usual time slot, but won't be airing their episode next week. Here's why.
Song Joong Ki's Vincenzo will not air next week & THIS is the reason why
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Song Joong Ki's comeback drama Vincenzo has been a super success and the amazing ratings are proof of that! Vincenzo enjoyed a boost in viewership, scoring an average nationwide rating of 13.9 percent for its latest episode. The various twists and turns in the drama are keeping viewers hooked and waiting for the next week's twin episodes. However, we have a bit of bad news for fans of the drama Vincenzo.

According to a report by Ten Asia, the makers of Vincenzo issued a statement saying that they have taken a break for a week to further improve the quality and completeness of the drama. It is said that there will be a special episode on April 17, while they are undecided for April 18. Episode 17th will now be broadcast on April 24th and a weekly Gyeolbang special broadcast will be aired in the next week's time slot. 

Vincenzo is winning over fans' hearts. In the previous week's episodes, the male lead Song Joong Ki‘s character Vincenzo and female lead Jeon Yeo Bin‘s character Hong Cha Young go undercover as Mr Anderson and Ms Bening, to be engaged at the Ragusang Art Gallery, While the real Mr Anderson and Ms Bening are kidnapped and taken to a private tour of the Geumga Plaza, led by the merchants in the building. However, they find themselves in a pickle when Vincenzo disguised as Mr Anderson has to propose and kiss Hong Cha Young, who is Ms Bening. Initially hesitant, the two indulge in a passionate kiss making viewers swoon. 

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Anonymous 8 hours ago

I enjoy Vincenzo very much & I binge on KDramas. This one has a handsome leading man, great cast members, it’s serious, it’s funny & heartwarming (even with the killings). I’m already hoping there is a Season 2.

Anonymous 1 day ago

Super love this drama! Don’t want it to end so soon! ❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous 2 days ago

Watching this drama has been absolutely amazing so far! I literally wait the entire week for the weekend episodes ,I'm so hooked! I can positively say that this is the best thing i have ever watched!

Anonymous 3 days ago

Thats too long when everyone is excited to the next episodes...i love vicenzo...cant wait to know whats next...

Anonymous 4 days ago

O nooo I wanted it everyday but what's this? I can't wait so long. A GAP for 2 WEEKS!!!!! Inacceptable!

Anonymous 4 days ago

I love it I'm from Jamaica I just love watching all your movies