Soulmates Forever: 6 of our favourite BTS’ VMin moments that we think about a lot

BTS’ 95-liner friends, V and Jimin share a cute friendship that might just be the best thing to happen to Earth in a very long time. Check out our favourite moments below!
BTS' VMin selfie in 2018 BTS' 95-liner soulmates, VMin.
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It’s mostly said in the ARMY fandom that Taehyung, BTS’ V, was born on the last day of 1995 to not let Jimin be alone in this world. As much as anyone who doesn’t believe in fate would like to contest, watching Jimin and Taehyung’s friendship, which ARMYs fondly call ‘VMin’, will have them make an exception. The boys went to school together, graduated together, debuted together, became the biggest boy band on the planet together, and practically have spent half of their lives together. 


Also called soulmates, VMin’s friendship is a highly-difficult-to-achieve #bestfriendgoals benchmark. The two boys have shared their life’s biggest and smallest moments together, cried together, laughed together, and observing the countless BTS clips available online, are the most comfortable being with each other. 


Today, for no occasion (because who needs an occasion to celebrate great friendships), we’re talking about our favourite six moments of VMin’s ‘soulmate’ friendship moments! Take a look.  


VMin creating a Bollywood movie or a mushy K-Drama scene? You decide! 


Starting with the best out of everything, is the scene in their travel variety show Bon Voyage 4. All layered up in a cold place with snow around, Jimin and Taehyung screamed the other one’s names and ran into each other’s arms, ending up rolling in the snow. Namjoon then commented, ‘Are you filming a movie?’. Please give us a movie! 


Soulmates creating and performing a song together 



Talk about having even fate on your side! VMin exactly know what it feels like. They created a song titled Friends for their album Map Of The Soul 7. The performance stage at the Bang Bang CON The LIVE was also adorable as they both appeared in a school uniform with backpacks and sang about their lovely friendship! They even compared their pinky fingers! 


Free cuddles - anytime, anywhere! 



Best friends who cuddle together, stay together! In their variety show BTS In The SOOP, there were two (and might be many more) instances when Taehyung went to snuggle with Jimin and jumped on his bed. 


The ‘He did it’ moment



Who hasn’t had moments when they’ve blamed their best friend for no reason at all? Or even for some very silly reasons? It’s the same case with VMin! At a VLive interview, Taehyung was passing the mic to Jimin, and it bumped with Jimin’s hand and ended up falling with a thud. Taehyung was quick to apologize and point to Jimin, gesturing that it fell because of Jimin, twice! 


When he encouraged Taehyung to do busking during Bon Voyage 



Taehyung can’t hide what he’s feeling. His expressions always give him away. In one season of Bon Voyage, when the group went to Malta, Jimin and Taehyung went out at night to roam and found some people busking. Jimin realised how badly Taehyung wanted to give it a try but was shy. He motivated him and encouraged him with words and because he was by Taehyung’s side, Taehyung stood up and sang. Jimin looked extremely proud as a friend. It was one of the most heart touching scenes in the whole series. 


Taehyung’s straight-from-the-soul letter to Jimin 



BTS’ exclusive variety shows always end on a heartfelt note. In the first season finale of Bon Voyage, the members were asked to write their feelings regarding another member. Taehyung got Jimin and he wrote a very touching letter describing the moments they spent together, and how they rely on each other. He ended the letter with “Let’s walk a road of happiness. Love you, buddy,” and ended tearing up. Jimin also then talked about what his friendship means to him. 


Forever in our minds and hearts, VMin’s friendship will stay like a cold breeze on a hot summer’s day. 


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What are your favourite VMin moments? Let us know in the comments below!