Soulmates or just friends: What kind of relationship would you have with Park Seo Joon?

Updated on Nov 10, 2021 03:55 AM IST  |  270.3K
Park Seo Joon posing at an event
Park Seo Joon posing at an event (Pic credit - News1)

It is no secret that all of us harbour a crush on Park Seo Joon! You either have a quiet crush on him or you are proclaiming your love for him from the rooftops, but either ways, every K-drama fan likes Park Seo Joon.

Park Seo Joon, also known by his real name, Park Yong Kyu was born on December 16 in Seoul, South Korea. Park Seo Joon made his debut in 2011 by appearing in the music video of Bang Yong Guk's single 'I Remember.' He starred in various dramas such as 'Dream High 2' and 'A Witch's Love'. His breakout roles came in 2015 with the dramas 'Kill Me, Heal Me' and 'She Was Pretty'. Park Seo Joon found major success with the 2017 youth romance drama 'Fight For My Way' opposite Kim Ji Won. The same year, he played his first big-screen leading role in the action-comedy 'Midnight Runners' with Kang Ha Neul. He next starred in 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim' and the path-breaking 'Itaewon Class'. 

Do you want to know what kind of a relationship is with Park Seo Joon? Well, answer a few questions and we will reveal what exactly would your nature of relationship be with Park Seo Joon. Sounds easy and fun? Take the quiz now!

Take the quiz below:

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