3 Roses Web Series Review: A mediocre web series where the jokes just don't land 

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3 Roses Web Series Review
3 Roses Web Series Review: A mediocre web series where the jokes just don't land 

Title: 3 Roses

Cast: Eesha Rebba, Payal Rajput, Purnaa and others

Director: Maggi

Rating: 2/5

When the trailer for '3 Roses', a web series currently streaming on Aha, was released, it was mistaken for being a remake of Amazon Prime Video's 'Four More Shots Please' (Indian original). First things first. It's not a remake. Second of all, Aha has held back from releasing the entire series at once. Only four episodes are streaming currently, while the more substantial part (the last four episodes) will be out only on November 19. 

Eesha Rebba plays Ritu, a creative Ad agency employee, who is not ready to get married at 25. Her conservative parents (with comedienne Hema playing the mother) coerce her into okaying an alliance with a rich man (Viva Harsha). Janhvi (Payal Rajput) hooks up with an eligible bachelor but has to soon confront a not-so-pleasant turn of events. Unlike Ritu and Janhvi, Indhu (Purnaa) comes from a middle-class setting and is overtly exasperated that she is unmarried at 31. 

The series has star Tollywood filmmaker Maruthi as the showrunner and his style of comedy is evident in the third episode, where Indhu's story is narrated. It's the one segment where the writing is strong even though Indhu behaves as if her single status has made her too incapable of behaving normally. The woman is shown to be missing sex more than the companionship that marriage brings. YouTube starlet Sarayu Roy cheapens the otherwise moderately good premise with her double entendre (a newly-married woman, she is worried that her sex-crazy husband can't have enough of waging a "relentless war" in the bedroom).

The track involving Eesha and Viva Harsha is debased, with the latter getting body-shamed thoroughly just because his complexion is dark. When the woman is not throwing racist 'jokes' at him, the comedian insults himself. The dialogues are unoriginal and many of them are used routinely in private conversations by men in real life (sample this: it's commonplace among youngsters to say that years of masturbation has resulted in the fading of the palm lines). Where is the fun in listening to such lines when you use them in everyday conversations?

The characters are unidimensional, especially the elders, who are described as "enemies" by a pub singer. Ageist jokes are a staple here. Satyam Rajesh is introduced as a 40-something virgin whom Indhu discovers is too weak to last in the bedroom. In another scene, there is a not-so-subtle hint at foursome sex. (If you scratch the surface, '3 Roses' is more about a character missing good sex than a soulmate).

The coming four episodes have a tough task ahead. They have to make the viewer invest in the stories of the female protagonists without making it all about libido and cheap jokes. 

('3 Roses' is streaming on Aha)



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