5 STATEMENTS by Samantha that prove she is a fiercely independent and confident boss lady

Updated on Jan 06, 2022 08:42 PM IST  |  382.1K
5 STATEMENTS by Samantha
5 STATEMENTS by Samantha that prove she is a fiercely independent and confident boss lady

With movies like Oh! Baby, Majili, Super Deluxe and web show The Family Man 2, Samantha Ruth Prabhu has proved she is a powerhouse of talent. She has raced away hurdles and touched new heights. Sam has proved to be fiercely independent, confident and strong. The diva has also managed to bust the myth that a married actress cannot be successful. 

Be it her fashion choices to speaking her heart out about personal life, Samantha has broken the stereotypes in many ways. She has been targeted, judged for parting ways from Naga Chaitanya, but she has not let that break her and has come out stronger.  

Here's a look at 5 statements by Samantha Ruth Prabhu that prove her confidence as she's true to herself.

On success: "I think it has been great learning...Being in this industry, being in this profession is the greatest gift... I have grown both, as an actor and person in these 11 years... I'm in a place I am very grateful for and all the great things happening for me," Samantha Akkineni said in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla as she described how her life has evolved professionally in the last 11 years of her career. 


Discovered her stronger self:  After her separation from Naga Chaitanya, Samantha is being questioned about a lot of things. However, the actress is not letting anything bother her but in fact, she has come out stronger and better. "I was surprised at how strong I was. I thought I was a much weaker person. I thought that with my separation, I would crumble and die. I didn’t think I was capable of being this strong. Today I’m very very proud of how strong I’m because I really didn’t know I was," Samantha told Filmfare.


Her POV on being successful after marriage: When I got married, I did so with no hope of a career, because of what happened before me and all the examples of the heroines who got married and took a break from their careers only to never come back. That’s what I thought would happen with me too. And honestly, I didn’t have that desire to prove anything to anybody or say that ‘I am going to change this trend. It just happened. Thankfully, marriage had no bearing on my career. My family too has been super supportive. Thanks to God and thanks to my fans, the decisions I have made have worked in my favour," said Samantha during an interview in 2019 with Hyderabad Times.

Empower, inspire women: "The new ambition, I guess, is for women to get their due in cinema, and have more women be a part of the industry. By working with strong and talented women and female directors and technicians, I want to empower them. We’re capable of so much more if given the opportunity. So many South film directors appreciated my performance in The Family Man 2 but I wasn’t given that opportunity to do so before. Like me, there are so many more talented actors who aren’t given a chance to show how truly capable they are. I believe nobody will help us if we don’t help ourselves. It’s our duty to search for scripts or make people write for us," Samantha said during an interview with Anupama Chopra. 

On being trolled: "Stars thrive on the love of their fans and I'm extremely grateful for the love and support I received throughout the years on social media.  Personally, I like to share things on social media for fans. So when I share, I'm also inviting these people to my life and they are connected to my life and if my opinions, my actions don't align with their worldview, it will disappoint them. Yes, they are going to troll, abuse but disagreements happen even between friends and family right. So the problem is with anonymity. My only request was I don't demand unconditional acceptance, I did not say or ask for it. but there is the manner and a way in which disagreement can be communicated," Samantha expressed her thoughts on being trolled on social media after she parted ways with Chay. 

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