After viral video, Sameera Reddy posts an EMOTIONAL message: I was scared and could not hide anymore

Updated on Aug 06, 2020 05:10 AM IST  |  3.1M
After viral video, Sameera Reddy posts an EMOTIONAL message: I was scared and could not hide anymore
After viral video, Sameera Reddy posts an EMOTIONAL message: I was scared and could not hide anymore

Sameera Reddy made the headlines recently after her video went viral. As a reply to a mom who was not feeling good about herself, Sameera Reddy posted the video, where she flaunted her grey hair. She showed her double chin and belly fat and explained how one has to feel positive about their body and how important it was to accept and celebrate our originality. Now, she has posted yet another photo and explained how she dealt with postpartum body and mind.

She said that she had postpartum depression and had a huge emotional struggle to cope up with. However, she felt encouraged after thinking about other women and how they should also own their flaws. She added that there has to be space for everyone and how it was not necessary to pull each other down. Sameera concluded the long and emotional post explaining the power of truth and said that it would set one free.

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Check out her post here:

She wrote on Instagram, “Was I ‘still’ sexy Sam? Can I now be branded a ‘yummy mummy’? How many followers did I have? Was my worth still valid? Was I now a ‘former’ actress? Just a ‘Mother’? Bollywood friends I can ‘plug’ in selfies? This was April 2019. I was coming back from a long break from the public eye and was asked these questions by an industry person as to what image was i going to project??"


Anonymous : I was just watching Maine dil tujhko diya she looked pretty in it. Keep rocking Sameera
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : Sameera was always on the heavier side like Sonakshi so it's no wonder but glad she came out about it, none of the actresses look in real the way they do in movies. Make up, lightening, contouring, camera angles and everything is used to make them look as appealing as possible.
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : This woman is going on and on about how she gained weight !!! So what !! It is natural transition of women body and body does change after child. But this woman didn't shut up since since she gives birth. Ut us problem with heroines! They soo used to getting compliments that when people stop giving compliments and they gain little weight, they become depressed and self conscious. They should first love themselves. Stop creating soo much fuss about it. Pinkvilla just for woman post this message.
REPLY 10 1 year ago
Anonymous : No one asked you to read her story on and on..why people find negative attributes in everything these days
REPLY 0 1 year ago
Anonymous : you go girl. you are pretty, great mother, beautiful person. live it up.
REPLY 20 1 year ago
Anonymous : Sameera you rock. Just forget abt what ppl say. You are terrific. Ppl have different callings and different journeys in life. You are AWESOME.
REPLY 19 1 year ago
Anonymous : Akshay kumar for sure, infact he's the fitness icon
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : jongkook
REPLY 2 1 year ago