Ambili Devi makes shocking revelations about her marriage with Adithyan Jayan amidst divorce rumours

Ambili Devi has finally opened up about her marriage with Adithyan Jayan after rumours on divorce surface online.
Ambili Devi, Adithyan Jayan divorce rumours Ambili Devi makes shocking revelations about her marriage with Adithyan Jayan amidst divorce rumours
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Television stars Ambili Devi and Adityan tied the knot in 2019. Their wedding had been the talk of the town and one of the controversial events in the Malayalam entertainment industry. While it was alleged that Adityan had married thrice before, on the other hand, Ambili's ex-husband blamed Adityan for ruining his family. Now, two years after their marriage, rumours have been doing rounds that all's not well between the two and their marriage has ended in divorce. A lot of fans have also been dropping comments on Ambili Devi's Facebook post asking her to give clarity on why Adithyan Jayan has been missing from her latest photos. 

Amidst rumours about their divorce, Ambili Devi has finally opened up on her marriage with Adithyan. Ambili Devi told Manorama Online that she is still legally Adithyan's wife. "Aditya and I survived a lot of crises and got married for a second time. It was such a happy life. Strictly speaking, until I became pregnant. But for the last 16 months, from the time I was pregnant with my son, he was in a relationship with the woman in the rented house. The woman is also the mother of a 13-year-old son. I had to take a break from acting after I got pregnant in April. I had bed rest. Couldn’t make the trip. Locked down within a month or two after delivery, Ambili Devi made a revelation to what went wrong in their marriage." 

Ambili Devi has also revealed that Adithyan Jayan is in a relationship with someone and she has been getting a lot of phone calls from well-wishers asking if it is true. "Some people said that the woman was pregnant but at first I did not believe it. I trusted my husband. But, I was surprised when a few people called me recently and started saying ‘Congrats, are you pregnant again’. They came to know that Aditya’s Facebook cover picture was a scanning photo. When I went to check through a relative’s Facebook account and looked at Aditya’s account, I was convinced that what they said was true." 

On the other hand, Adithyan Jayan responded saying that the actress is still his wife and that he doesn't give like to pay attention to any rumours. He also went on to reveal that he is going through a lot of difficulties and has debuts of thousands to pay. 

Ambili Devi was earlier married to S Lowel, a noted cameraman. The couple has a son together, Amarnath born on 27 January 2013. She gave birth to her second son after her marriage with Adithyan Jayan. 

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

She should have stuck to her first husband .ups and downs happen all the time .now if she's single again she has only herself to blame .