Arjun Reddy actor Vijay Deverakonda joins chorus to ‘Save Nallamala forest’; Here’s what he has to say

Arjun Reddy actor Vijay Deverakonda joins chorus to ‘Save Nallamala forest’ as he took to social media to oppose the uranium mining in Nallamala forest area.
Vijay Deverakonda,South
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Vijay Deverakonda is the latest actor to join the voices against uranium mining in Nallamala forest area. Arjun Reddy actor Vijay Deverakonda took to social media to voice his opinion as he opposed the uranium mining in the Amrabad forest area. In his social media post, Vijay Devarakonda expresses his concern as he wrote that 20,000 acre of Nallamala forest was at the risk of being destroyed. “We have destroyed our lakes, flooded our states, caused drought in others and polluted most of our drinking water sources,” he said.

Besides his voicing his concern over uranium mining, Vijay Deverakonda explained that the quality of air was deteriorating everywhere and multiple cities were running out of water. “And we continue to justify destroying any small good that is left. Next in line are the lush green Nallamala forests,” he said. Interestingly, Vijay Deverakonda, by way of post, tried to explain that if uranium was needed, it should be bought. “Uranium can be bought. Can forests be bought?” he questioned. “If we cannot afford it, develop renewable solar energy, put solar panels on every rooftop and make it compulsory. For anyone trying to justify it, what will we do with uranium and electricity when we don’t have breathable air and drinking water?” he questioned.

While director Shekhar Kammula was the first one to join the chorus to ‘Save Nallamala’, post that, a lot of personalities have joined the chorus to save Nallamala. Besides Vijay, Bigg Boss fame, Kaushal Mandal also came out to support the ‘Save Nallamala’ movement as he wrote, “If we destroy Nallamala forest, we destroy ourselves. Let us save our Nallamala forests for our future to live and to breath,” he said. Vijay Deverakonda was last in Dear Comrade and a few days back, Vijay Deverakonda was papped with Kiara Advani in Mumbai.

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