Bhala Thandanana Movie Review: This semi-focused thriller suffers from weak plot turns

That is 'Bhala Thandanana' starring Sree Vishnu for you, a prosaic thriller whose twists are twists only in a parallel universe.

Updated on May 11, 2022 04:57 AM IST  |  299.3K
Bhala Thandanana Movie Review
Bhala Thandanana Movie Review: This semi-focused thriller suffers from weak plot turns
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Cast: Sree Vishnu, Catherine Tresa and others

Director: Chaitanya Dantuluri

Run-Time: 134 Minutes

Rating: 2/5

A criminal who has illegitimately amassed hundreds of crores exists. The hero says that the wealth the bad guy has mopped up is the source of the power he wields. A key character is bowled over by the banality uttered by the protagonist. The film expects the audience to cheer the hero's kindergarten-level observation that is passed off as a truth bomb. That is 'Bhala Thandanana' for you, a prosaic thriller whose twists are twists only in a parallel universe.

Chandu (Sree Vishnu) wants the world to believe that he is a modest commoner wooing a beautiful crime journalist (Catherine Tresa). His fake timidity in her presence, though, is a dead giveaway. He starts helping her out in filing a crime story by talking about where he saw the victim of a murder. The girlfriend, in no time, gets sucked into a web of deceit, hawala money, and high-profile crime. It's up to Chandu, who is no small-time employee but has a clandestine mission in his mind, to complete his secret agenda.

Writer Srikanth Vissa, who comes with a tentpole hit like 'Pushpa: The Rise', could have penned a gripping story where the plot turns are believable. Take the scene where the hero tells his girlfriend-to-be that he did run into a murdered person a few days ago. He struggles to recall where he saw the person despite the associated unusual facts related to the unusual incident. This would trigger suspicion in any half-baked brain but who said our female leads have a brain.? 

Mani Sharma's music comes undone by tepid emotions (Chandu is not given a backstory) and the outrageous placement of songs. The post-interval song, for example, is written into the script for no reason. 


Intrigue is sought to be built through the scene where Sasriekha puts a series of questions to the male lead's friend, played by Satya. The only character who is surprised by his replies is the heroine, for the audience saw the twist coming much before the film's release, thanks to the revelatory trailer.

Too many specious plot turns are attempted to be substantiated by Sree Vishnu's swag and the needlessly over-cooked slow-mo shots. The villains (among them 'KGF' fame Garuda Ram) resort to a stale playbook in executing their obvious plans (read kidnappings) in notoriously unexciting ways. The track involving the heroine and her brother-in-law (played by Srikanth Iyyangar) is convenient. The orphanage trope is another overused element.

Posani Krishna Murali is over-indulged, with him even getting a second-rate booze song. Srinivas Reddy looks old.

The initial portions make us hope that the film has got an edgy story in store. All that it offers are cheap gimmicks. One such gimmick is the promise of a second part, for which we can't care less.


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Film was good to watch and I enjoyed it thoroughly.