Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Sep 6 highlights: Anchor Ravi, Shanmukh & 4 others nominated for eviction in first week

Updated on Sep 07, 2021 08:51 PM IST  |  49.2K

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 was kicked off on a high note with a grand gala premiere with 19 contestants. This time the season is a bit different as the contestants have to perform tasks to unlock the beds in the bedroom for them. The contestant spent their 2nd day at the house and the nominations of the first week today place in the Monday episode. 

The day started with Shanmukh and Siri stealing things and hiding them just to stir things up, to which the other contestants assume that it must be a secret task given by Bigg Boss. Hamida finds a couple of the stolen things and was accused of stealing them instead. 

Later, Bigg Boss called all the contestants to the garden area and asked contestants to nominate two other contestants who they think don't fit in the house citing their reasons. Each contestant have to nominate others by throwing their photo pasted garbage bags in the dust bin. 

In the due course, Shanmukh got into an argument with Vishwa while Hamida and Lahari had an argument, too. Sarayu and Sunny also had a small tiff during the nomination task.

Srirama Chandra nominated Manas and Jassi. Sarayu nominated Kajal and Ravi. Swathi nominated Hamida and Nataraj. Viswa nominated Jassi and Manas. While he was nominating, both Viswa and Jassi had an argument. Anee nominated Jassi and Siri. Jassi nominated Viswa and Hamida.

Ravi nominated Nataraj and Manas. Uma Devi nominated Kajal and Jassi. Hamida nominated Lahari and Jassi. Shanmukh nominated Sunny and Lobo. Sunny nominated Shanmukh and Sarayu. Priyanka nominated Shanmukh and Hamida.

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