Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 fame Abhirami Suresh OPENS UP about her chemistry with co contestant Rajith

Abhirami Suresh, one of the wildcard contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2, opened up about her chemistry with co contestant Rajith.
Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 fame Abhirami Suresh OPENS UP about her chemistry with co contestant Rajith
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We all know that singer Abhirami Suresh has had an amazing journey for 25 days in the Malayalam Bigg Boss house.  Along with all other contestants, she is also home finally as the show has been called off following the lockdown imposed by the government to control the outspread of COVID 19. In an interview with The Times Of India, she opened up about her experience in the show.  She has also opened up about her adorable chemistry with co contestant Rajith, which was one of the most favorite portions of the season.

Abhirami told the daily that she had no plans or strategy to team up with Rajith and that she was not even aware of his fan base as she was not following the shoe. Adding that it had happened naturally, she stated that they both had shared some mutual interests. Abhirami stated that even if anyone had had any strategies, it will be impossible to follow them as their true self will eventually come up. She added that her participation in the show happened all of a sudden.

Suresh stated that she entered the house only for a performance on the 50th-day celebration. But when the team offered her a chance to participate, she took it up. Talking about Amritha, who entered the show along with her, she said Amritha was a better contestant than her. She was quoted as saying by TOI, “At times, I think that the person opposite to me is a lovable individual, whereas she was clear that the other one was just a contestant, I lacked this clarity”.

Talking about the fights that happen inside the house, she stated that the fights that happened inside the house would not continue after tasks. Stating that the fights are only between contestants and not individuals, she Abhirami stated that no one would be able to maintain any grudge as they have to see each other and the fight won’t continue. She concluded the conversation by saying that they were all shocked when Mohanlal announced that the show was being concluded due to Corona outbreak. She said that she was happy for setting a good example to the society through Bigg Boss.


Dr rajith was one of the true and genuine contestant in bb2 but unfortunately he was victim of the huge conspiracy formed by some contestants who feared that Dr Rajith will win the title.

Dear contestant what you all were was shown why do you blame other,nasty remarks are passed by those who did it.people are not fools,come out in public &show your will no within short time there is no one deserving in this show the one who deserve was thrown out .

Abhirami was the worst contestant, they just planned to play it under Rajith’s fan Base hence motivating him and encouraging him in all angles. Worst contestants ever seen. Dr, it was a good decision to throw him out of the house.. that was not ethical. Whoever is supporting him for the act he did line up your family members and get the same thing done.

What rajith sir did was wrong!but he asked sorry in front of everyone..after all it's a part of the game n reshma got so influenced by fukru played a dirty game by sending him out...and people like jazla who don't know to speak grammatical english and calls him psycho,pseudo n all..she is portraying herself in pseudo name...whatever rajith sir got his hand bandaged..that time Bob couldn't send out people...n everything ended well due to proves god is with rajith sir only

Reith as the winner would have been a huge shame for women who stand for feminist beliefs. He is a patriarchal misogynistic prick. He cleverly mentions the koran bible and bhagavad gita to attract people of all walks of life. He thinks he is a master of the universe if he spews some spritual mumbo jumbo just like the other human gods of kerala.its a good thing BIG BOSS wound up but it was because of corona pandemic and not because the ratings fell the after reyith was outed from tbe show as his silly followers who call themselves reyith army claim.

I saw many of the comments and I got that many stupid people are here criticising Dr.rejith saying it's against bigg boss rules and what if he done with your family members..hey stupid idiot persons get some education first ..this is not an comedy show this was bigg boss a reality show and try to see hindi and tamil and even last malayalam season of bigg boss ..that time you blind critics were a*****es ...I know more bad words if any body needs that come here ...and stop criticising Dr rejith..he was hero and now also he is a hero ..all critics go to hell ..a*****es

Rajithkumar was cheap in his behaviours, absolute fake character. That doesn't mean others are not fake. But this fellow was an absolute nuisance. All the people reentered into house knew this cheapsters publicity and started playing accordingly. Had the show gone 10 more days that group would have come out with true colours

Rajith is the most crooked player in BB. He was defending his action even after applying chilli on a girl's even that too a girl with medical condition on her eye. Those who support Rajith should take a min to understand how it would have been if you were in Reshma's shoes. I don't understand bunch of idiots who blame Mr Mohanlal for the decision which Reshma too, are all Rajith fans so idiotic ? The team BB tried their best to make his stay, it was a decision taken by the victim and she has all the rights to do that. What a bunch of loosers who blame lalettan for this. Mr Mohanlal is a pride of every malayalie.

As a person who came to know Dr.Rajit Kumar only in biggboss, my felt him as an isolated person in biggboss. Not knowing the reason for it ,I searched for his profile and found a lot of video clips and daily analysis justifying this man without reason and slamming others who commented against him. Moreover there were video clips, about his life, career and comments from his well wishers,all great to read.
But shockingly, he was showing his crooked nature every instance in the house making me wonder whether all these are coming from a person of his age and educational qualifications.
Same time he used to portray himself at every occasion possible, that he is a good person and is destined by God himself for such a feat.
What I could make out, is that he is a cunning crook, who has planned his game well , and determined to win this contest by hook or crook. Briefly I arrived at the following conclusions
1. He is a cunning crook , who is determined to earn the prize by hook or crook
2. He had good idea of the game in highness
3.He came well prepared for the show and the video clips and profile are well circulated as possible by a strong group, possibly arranged by him.
4. He lived at biggboss with a fake charector.
All others in the biggboss who supported him,were aware that they will be benefitted by the association with, and can garner votes from his supporters and so is Amritha and Abhirami

See the Biggboss show in other languages as well. Pouring chilly water on the head of other contestants, applying chilly on the face and many other nasty things like u****ting outside in the play area men and women sleeping together under one blanket and morality takes a back seat in this show.
Is it proper to get the permission of the victim to allow the contestant to continue in the show? Why Mohanlal who later said he is only an anchor gave a very bad treatment on the stage unlike others without a selfie and his past moments were shown without Dr Rajiths permission when all others agreed to show. He was insulted. He was honest to the core and several times it was proved including once he had got up in the night. Without his asking somany students from different institutions and faculties talked nice of him emotionally and gradually people started liking him. Even Reshma consulted her father and wanted to bring him in but RJ Raghu misled her at the last minute and Adianet also wanted some competition and as long as Dr RK was there it was onesided all along. Even Mohanlal rushed to add Reshmas mother fell and had a fracture which tilted Reshmas decision against Dr.

There is a mistake. It's Amritha Suresh. Not Abhirami.

DRK applied the chilli powder on the instruction to him from the BB team when he performed as a student. The intention was get him out as he was a big challenge to Arya winning. So the BB team hatched a plan to make him the scape goat and forced DRK to do it. Do you all remember Mohanlal specifically asking DRK, just before the eviction if he thought the show was scripted? If DRK had answered yes, he would have been arrested as soon as he got out. But he just got evicted as a punishment. Needless to say, Mohanlal is paid a hefty amount for the show and would obviously speak in favour of the BB team and the channel.

rajith kumar is a psycho no doubt
...after seeing these crooked witchy jealousy and malicious sisters he was on clud nine..his yotal appearnce changed,his actions and talks were all not like 50 plus like he used to always say to mohanlal b4 these ladies came...and finally he fired himself doing an act out of oversmartness and grudge..

True, if someone applies chilli in your eyes or your loved ones eyes would you react the same way. Ifyou were in his shoes would you actually do the same thing? A part of Dr Rajith Kumar's true side came out through this task and looks like he needs help. If you are a true supporter of Dr Rajith get him the help he needs and don't support this act as youngesters in school/college will starting doing the same act of applying chilli to others eyes and saying sorry to get away with it

There is a Rajith army, if an anti- Rajith army is formed I'm sure it would have equal or more supporters. Applying chilli in anyone's eye is an absolute NO

Dr.rajith is a lethal psychopath.. Cheap attention seeker .nothing more than that ..

ഡോക്ടർ രജിത്കുമാർ ഒരു ശതമാനംപോലും സത്യസന്ധതയില്ലാത്ത വ്യക്തിയാണ്. ശരിക്കും ഒരു സൈക്കോപാത്ത് ..അയാളുടെ പൂർവ്വ ചരിത്രവും പെരുമാറ്റവും സംസാരവും ശ്രദ്ധിച്ചാൽ സാമാന്യബുദ്ധിയുള്ള ആർക്കും അത് മനസ്സിലാക്കാം .. നുണ പറയാനും പറഞ്ഞത് പറഞ്ഞില്ലെന്ന് പറയാനും മിടുക്കൻ .ലൈംഗീക ദാരിദ്ര്യമനുഭവിക്കുന്ന അയാളുടെ മനോനിലയും ശരീരചേഷ്ടകളും ഒറ്റനോട്ടത്തിൽ ആർക്കും തിരിച്ചറിയാനാവും . ഏറ്റവും തരം താഴ്ന്ന ആഗ്രഹങ്ങളുള്ള വ്യക്തിയാണയാൾ .. വെള്ളപൂശീയ ഒരു ശവക്കല്ലറ

True that

True that

The very critical thing about BB2,is that the rules are not properly implimented and some times it devalues its on rules,eviction sometimes biased,Court proceedings turn like mock parlament!To cap it all,the presentator takes the role of puppet!

Rajit a man with no qualities

His main quality is that he doesn't talk trash online. If u can say this in real life in front of the world and the world agrees then we can agree that he doesn't have much qualities. But until then use common sense. #rajitharmy

Dr Rajit does not deserve praise. He does not have any qualities

Abhirami and amrutha were the best contestants in the show.

Totally agree with calling Rajith kumar a Physco.. his gang members were a bunch of ass likers and these girls were leading the queue

Shut your mouth you dog

Very true

You call him a physco but atleast he came on television while ass lickers like you just sits home and comments. Get a life. #rajitharmy

Both Sisters played it dirty.. The eldest was the cheapest... She got her real witchy character out.. hopefully her daughter doesn't follow her mother

Well said bro

Yea hopefully just like you followed your mother. Before u talk trash look in the mirror you will see the witchy character too.

Hard to believe that some of the fights were between characters and not individuals.For those who followed it was clear the individuals where reacting to the attitude of the individual

Dr.Rajith was a faker from the beginning. He always brings God in the picture. A good and humble man does not keep saying that he is humble and simple. His actions and deeds must prove it. Sad to see that God made him hurt another contestant. He is a misogynist as can be seen from his previous videos. Sad that we malayalees fall prey to such derogatory fan following.

Well said



Rajat was nothing but psycho fake he deserved to be kicked out

U r psycho...first spell sir name properly....I don't think sir ...out for this silly other bigboss even chilli powder using for task...jzt taking has game it's good...


Says the one who can't even spell Rajith properly. Before u comment rubbish get some English classes, you sick twisted linguistically challenged fool. Haha.

I agree

That's her elder sister Amritha Suresh , not Abhirami.

Everyone knows what dirty game BB played using Mohanlal as puppet, Dr.RK would win because he is the best but they want Arya a good for nothing joker to win, anyway ultimate it is better they called of and saved their dirty face before public poured cowdunk.

Its amrutha in the photo

Its amrutha in the photo

In photo its amritha suresh, whereas You write about abhirami suresh.

The photo is that of Amritha Suresh, who is Ahbirami's sister and they both entered the show together!

After 50days if any contestant is entering a show . They will see who is popular and with whom to be . Amrutha and abhi from the day one they were clear with the fans voting power so they got attached with Dr rajith . .a common person can understand that

Tats her sister in the pic, not abhirami

Photo posted is Amrita not Abhirami

Poor guy, Dr Rajith Kumar, a simple, honest and sincere gentleman, was the victim of a sinister conspiracy hatched by the unethical creatures of the Mallu film industry ....the objective? To prevent him from winning the ensure that Arya, one of Mohanlal's and Asianets blue-eyed girls won the it....and Reshma, the nasty grouchy unsocial unsporting whiner was used as a catspaw through faking pain and injury in the silly chilli incident... Dr Kumar, we are with you, we love you...regardless of what the nasty crooked Mallu film industry mafia thinks of you


Poor guy, Dr Rajith Kumar, a simple, honest and sincere gentleman, was the victim of a sinister conspiracy hatched by the unethical creatures of the Mallu film industry ....the objective? To prevent him from winning the ensure that Arya, one of Mohanlal's and Asianets blue-eyed girls won the it....and Reshma, the nasty grouchy unsocial unsporting whiner was used as a catspaw through faking pain and injury in the silly chilli incident... Dr Kumar, we are with you, we love you...regardless of what the nasty crooked Mallu film industry mafia thinks of you


This blue eyed boy of a section of mass with all decorations is a good subject for psychologists. His trauma and isolation, soliloquy,abrupt
subconscious premeditated dialogues, burst of anger and the so called silly-chilli incident are all the underlying fragments of this Professorial knowall philosophical Saar.

Rajith is a waste, he started poisoning the show after the arrival of one other venomous sister. There the show turned worst. His view about women is ch**p. He deserves dismissal. You can really see his NO character behaviour in the first three weeks show

He is nothing but a dangerous psycopath

I value your comment but you cannot support someone blindly . Whatever Dr Rajith kumar profile is, as most often he portrays himself to be honest and all other human race are extinct species. Being learned, he should have followed the rules of the game and be ethical enough. Highly immature of oneself to understand this to be a conspiracy. Would you ever tolerate such incident if it happens to you in your personal sphere of life. You may be an ardent supporter but at times we have to use our wisdom. Treat everyone with dignity and respect

Hopefully you will say the same thing when someone applies chillies to one of your dear family member.... I found Mr.Rajith a cheapester with no ethics..

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