Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Rajith Kumar to be arrested for sneakily putting green chilly paste in Reshma's eyes?

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2, which started with unexpected twists and thrills, has hit the headlines yet again due to Rajith Kumar. He is the most popular contestant inside the house, who physically harmed Reshma.
Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Rajith Kumar to be arrested for sneakily putting green chilly paste in Reshma's eyes?
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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2, which is being hosted by Mohanlal has been in the news since day one due to major fights, controversies and a lot more. The reality show, which started with unexpected twists and thrills, has hit the headlines yet again due to Rajith Kumar. He is the most popular contestant inside the house, who physically assaulted Reshma. The incident took place during the 66th episode of the season. Bigg Boss introduced students and teacher task in which the contestants were divided into two teams. Arya, Daya, Sujo and Fukru were teachers, while Rajith Kumar, Reshma, Abhirami, Amrutha, Shaji, and Alina played students in the task. 

Post the task, everyone celebrated Reshma's birthday and shockingly, Rajith Kumar rushed out of nowhere and applied green chilly paste in her eyes. After she started crying and complained about her eyes burning, she was taken to the hospital. Bigg Boss made sure to give strict punishment to Rajith Kumar and asked him to leave the house until they take a severe step. According to a report in IB Times, Rajith's such behaviour comes under huge offence. As per the Indian Penal Code, Rajith Kumar can be arrested under multifarious charges that include Sec 324, Sec 323, and Sec 325.

Watch the video of Rajith putting green chilly paste on Reshma's eyes: 

Meanwhile, Pashanam Shaji, Raghu, Daya, Reshma, Amrutha and Abhirami are on the list of nominations for eviction.


Rwjit sir tirichu vanna mathiyaairunu

I think it's scripted..... because RAJITH sirinu athyavishyam bodhavum budhiyum undu he can never behave like this...we are all fools

If rejith sir is getting arrested, what about the co contestants? Even they have done many harms and there is no one to question about that

Rajith not to be fit in the house, he is a wicked man and pretends to be a good guy he is a coward, out side got lot of support but Asianet be brave and send him out, his fans are abusing Mohanlal and the channel, send this Fox out.

Intentionaly putting green chilly paste on someone's eye who has not recovered completely from her eye disease can't be forgiven.

He is a smart player better than anyone in the house. He has been himself and all the fan following is because of that.

If so fukru should also be arrested for physical abuse. He is the only genuine person in biggie boss.We still can't believe that he has done this. I don't think he can do this. If that was so he would have done that earlier when other contestant abused him. Let's all hope for the best.

ya ...its true..rajith sir did really suffer a lot

New drama of Asianet.They are trying to copy Bigboss Bollywood. Rajith kumar will be back. Without him the program will loose the overall rating and cant survive another 30 days.

Like Osama Bin laden represents all fundamental Islamicists. Rajith Kumar represents all arrogant, narcissistic, male chauvinists of Kerala. Criminal minded people of Kerala are in full support to him. Justification they draw is fukru kicked him. He pulled is neck with a shawl why do you stupids selectively forget that. After what he did to his wife, now reshma and All his trash talks about women & LGBTQ community. He is a Psycho. Knowing some facts only proves he has a good memory it doesn't mean he is a good person. He is Male Chauvinist Psycho. All low class mallus support him. Pity on you. Even in the first episode a criminal won. That's society respects criminal people. It satisfies their own criminal tendencies.

very true

Dr Rajithkumar's incident can't be seen as an independent activity. In a given task, the participants will get new ideas. Though applying green chilli paste is on the high risk activity, it doesn't make him to get evicted. Among all the participants, Dr Rajith is more sensible and a matured. The incident needs to be viewed light and request Big boss to pardon him and permit him to participate in Big Boss. Regards

Rajith should go out from big boss.. Eve though he is playing good games in the house.. his supporters playing very bad game in social media... Insulting all other contents with out any reason.. this mad supporters only made life tough for him.. some time big also in pressure to take action as per rajith supporters.. for example, veena's eviction from the show.. she was one of the best contestant in this show.. she is deserved to be there till last 5.. unfortunately she is out because of this social media attack..

Such a fake personality he is, always manipulating things trying to be always good.
Aattinthol itta chennaay!

This is a very serious offense,which cannot be taken as a fun at any cost, Big Boss must take stringent action against this contestant, Morever case must be taken against he the person who talks about humanity?

This chap ranjit is senile should be arrested &triedfor the offence That young lady would have damaged eyes permanently. Is he a pervert?

Amazed to see some fools supporting Rajith Kumar who is a controversial character making lousy comments about girls / women. No wonder he is loner. Some supporters are giving support through YouTube. Whenever he opens his mouth, it is lousy talk. Pretends to be an angel giving advice to everyone but you can easily make out his character if you have least minimum commonsense.The two females and
Muscleman went to bigg boss house after seeing support from some fools and they teamed up with him with vested interest. One lousy idiot good for nothing Raghu does not participate in any task and licking Rajiths feet thinking he is great. There is something seriously wrong with Rejith Kumar's mental state.

Reshma is safe and nothing happend to her. While renjit had injured and is still suffering hence renjit eviction is not jostifiable.

It's clear that it was planned, he had stored chilly in his bag. He is a psycho similar to shummy in "kumbalangi Nights"

He needs education. Many families don't possess the cultural values to impart. Feel sorry for him and his clan.

I dont think he should be arrested because he didn't didn't intend this to happen.He didn't properly understand the consequences he could face when he did that action.What started as a joke just became serious,that's all!! But, I dont think he should be the winner,because personally I dont like his behaviour.But to tell you all the truth,I actually dont want anyone to win bigg boss,bigg boss u can keep the money!!!

In the Bigboss If there is no Rajith sir ,no body see this show
Big Boss rating is going to down , if you call back rajith would be better the shows

Big Boss is a big drama fooling innocent viewers. We should desist viewing such bogus shows as TV channels are fooling the peopke.Renjith has a dubious character and needs to be punished as per IPC for his criminal behaviour enacted on the Big Boss sets to inculcate diacipkine amongst unruly ypungers who would copy such irresponsible behaviour as he claims to be an acadamecian.

On top of all he just dont deserve to be arrested
Prior to what he has done and has been doing to our country and our people......rajith sir is the winner

All the other injuries that have had happened to the housemates, were during the physical tasks. But this act has nothing to do with the task as the task itself meant for something funny and enjoyable. What he did to Reshma can't be tolerated given she already has a concern regarding the eyes. Someone who is well versed and knowledgeable not knowing the intensity of irritation a green chilly can cause seems stupid. He should be thrown out of the house permanently!


I totally agree

Although he was attacked in so many cruel ways, not much of an action was taken. While I agree that his action was thoughtless and would have lasting damage on his reputation especially because he is an educator, I still find his ideas and character till now to be exemplary. I hope the pressure of being confined in the big house has not in some way affected his mind. God bless him, hope he comes out of this bad phase soon. My best wishes to Rajith Sir. Miss you in Bigg boss very much!

Well deserved

Ehh thayoliyeum ayalude supporters inneyum vedi vechu kollanam veruthay kuray pazhjenmangal!!

Since Rejith Kumaris evicted Fukru and Arya should be evicted too for reasons known to everyone.


Proper Action need to take against Fukru who made fracture in Dr.Rajith kumar.Also Arya who made his hands more injuries.that time no action taken by big boss.if they eliminate dr.zrajith they need to eliminate Arya and Fukru

There was no fracture on his hand. He was simply acting for sympathy.

I strongly believe this act was purposely done by big boss to make him out of the house. Everyone knows that the majority support is for Dr.Rejith and this is totally unfair. Big b team is trying To make this as a discussion in media and wants to spoil his name. But remember one thing that we are there for Dr.Rejith. No media can do anything about it.

What bullshit

Those who are against the act done by Rajith Sir should stop watching bigg boss.bcoz u can't handle the twist.

Bad boss cheeep

Pinkwilla is simply awkward..
Change it to Yellow..

Malayalam bigg boss season 2 is the cheapest show ever compare to all languages

First BB has to take leagel action against Fukru... he is most physical violences done in the house...not to biase to conresrants... all are equal to BB... this show will like to Hindi vesion.. please

Arrest very bad man rajith kumar

Look at your self .when u ask this question .how much anger is there with in you.


Please areest rejith kumar

Not Renjith sir
This stupid program supposed to be banned

The only genuine person in the show is Dr Rajith Kumar, also his hand is broken due physical assault from arya and fukru, so action should be taken against all three of them.

wasnt it an accident happened in tasks.. this is not accident.. he did it purposefully.. still justified?

Yes you are correct!!!

I think it is not right to arrest or throw out rajith Kumar because fukru and arya have Also attacked rajith kumar servel times also everyone thinks this is a secret task and bigg boss made him do it. He is the most popular person because of his personality and honesty all his fans would know that he would do no such thing as that. Anyways I think we can either know it in Saturdays or today's episode

Bigger disasters than Corona is people fighting big boss

Ban Big Boss.

The series of incidents shown on the show was all part of a great twist in the end of the week. The show is trying to increase it's TRP ratings like any other show by creating debate or controversy among the public . Actually actions should be taken against the show for creating public havoc by showing scripted contents and manipulating the public.

If Asianet is taking action against rajitg kumar,then what about fukru and arya.Fukru has beaten him very rudely IPC section 323,he has used unparlimentory words IPC section 292,293,294.

Yes....true....and what action did BB take in Season 1 ..when Sabu nearly choked Hima....

This man is absolutely mad and a physco.if a man on a national tv discloses about his wife's not only mad but biggest idiot on earth.

It was mistake..

Applying chilli paste on some1 eyes is mistake..its causing physical harm to a person.. thereare so many ways to be a naughty kids.. this is a psychopatic tendency.. my god...

I think that was a plan based on secret task ..some of the comments shows they are biased .ranjith sir gonna win this time tittle cross the finger.

Nothing is happened there.Its a game plan from Big boss.

Thats the truth

Where was big bosses sense of justice when fukru assaulted Rejith sir,arya twisted his already wounded hand and the house inmates verbally abused him all through....what he did to Reshma was wrong but I think it's just a task within a task and both of them were playing their roles well

Morethan 80% of the viewers believe Rejith is innocent...the so called yukthivadis will illtreat him....

What fukru did was a part of a physical task and this one is by no mean a physical task he did it without any kind of provocation so he must be punished

What about Arya and Fukru???

Correct Arya and Fukru are not deserving to be in the show. They are very poisioness and the main culprits of the entire show.

That was a physical task ..bu this was not..this was just a humorous task

What about Arya and Fukru???

Chatthu enthee nattamundoo

Fukru has done many physical assault . If rajith is punished fukru also deserve punishment

Fukru and Arya broke Sir's hand
....and BB didn't do anything for that....Arya didn't even get any warnings. ...he is still suffering because of that..... Nothing happened to Reshma....she came back within 3 hrs.... He didn't put the chilly inside her eyes....he did it outside.... He didn't do anything criminal.... But what Fukru and, that is criminal..... BB is a fake show... please bring back air

All done by them are only part of the physical task... but what about this?


Take legal action against this person he is mad guy and creepy contestant from day first I don't know what makes him to be get more votes then others ..

He is pure evil.

He gets vote bcoz for his genuinity and personality. He is better than any other contestants in the house.

The one and only genuine person in that bigboss house is dr rejith kumar


Psycho... The people who are fans of this mad man are deluded

If you encourage such act in future people can do in real life who don't like someone and say it was joke and say sorry.strict law punishment should be taken against this psycho person

very true.

Fukru and Veena should be arrested for physical abusing

Rajith kumar may be good in his academic ,but that doesn't mean he is a good human being. He is not an matured petson. He should be thrown out immediately from Big Boss season 2.

He is a good man.he did many good things.why do you think the whole malayalies support him?.

Ninak oke maturity en paranja entha ariyo sir?

The one and only genuine person in that house is dr rejith kumar

Rejith is the biggest fraud in the house having double standards. I am happy he has been thrown out in such an insulting manner.

The concerned authorities need to make sure that he will not come back to the show .

Juss watch d episode rejith also was hurted by many... At that time whr d hell where u...

Very true

I think this man is mental illness.what speak once he never accept next time.he speak alone always.......

പുള്ള അധ്യം പോയി ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് പഠിക്ക്‌...കൊപ്പ്‌..ശവം

At times i too think he is not normal

If Big Boss taking the legal action against the Rejith Kumar is not justified. I also demanding to take Action against Fukru and Arya.They are also culprits .



Please arrest rajith kumar. He is not a good man. From the day onwards he is a CHORIYAN


Ninte daddy choriyan

Nee poo myreeee

Tragedy is you don't know the difference between good and bad people

I think this comment added by jasla

This person should be thrown out of house. Apart from fights and arguments he does not do anything.
Very bad person.

Rajith sir good man

Rajith sir good man



Yes he should be thrown out of the house
Very crooked man.



Onn പോയെടാ നായിന്റെ മോനെ പിന്നെ നിന്റെ തന്തയെയാണോ എല്ലാരും സപ്പോർട്ട് cheyyanee

Poyeda oole. DRK army

Better than any other personalities in the house.
U can't judge him based on this single incident.

Not at all true
Rajith should be the ultimate winner in bigg boss

Very true


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