Bigg Boss Malayalam star Alasandra Johnson calls days in the house as the best 75 days of her life

Alasandra Johnson calls her Bigg Boss Malayalam journey the best 75 days of her life as she shares a heartfelt post on social media.
Bigg Boss Malayalam star Alasandra Johnson calls days in the house as the best 75 days of her life
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The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam premiered on January 5, 2020. Among the 22 contestants who participated in the reality tv show, air hostess turned model Alasandra Johnson was one of the stars who garnered a lot of love and fan following ever since she stepped inside the Bigg Boss House. However, the 15 weeks show was concluded on its 74th day owing to the ongoing situation in the country due to the Coronavirus outbreak. After claiming thousands of lives worldwide, the dreadful virus has now begun to spread in India.

On the 74th day, the host of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Mohanlal entered the house and briefed the contestants on the show about the Coronavirus pandemic which had reached India by then. He informed them that Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 was being called off for the safety of the contestants and the team working behind the camera. The contestants agreed to him and hugged each other to bid goodbye. After having come out of the Bigg Boss house, Alasandra Johnson also has a beautiful message for her co-contestants and her Bigg Boss journey.

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The Bigg Boss Malayalam star Alasandra Johnson has recently shared a message on her social media handle calling her Bigg Boss journey the best 75 days of her life. She wrote that she never expected such a warm response and so much love from the fans in no time and expressed her gratitude on the same. "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the channel, the production house, my parents, @ardra_johnson_ @bosssss_ladyyyy @meerapj , the people who supported, loved, fought and prayed for me. It was a great experience for me, never thought I will be loved by so many. Those 75 days were the best days of my life , I will miss those days and the BB house forever. Thank you so much guys for standing with me and fighting for me", Alasandra wrote as she shared a picture of the momento presented by host Mohanlal on the last episode of the show.


Alessandra, you are a disaster. You always were on the side of a gang, an evil gang. You don't know the entire picture. You were inside and know only reported conversations of others... take time and watch the entire show. You will see, you were on a terrible side. The others became a gang not on purpose but because they could not live as islands in the house. Realise this.

The comments which u have wrote is pathetic. Because we as an audience leaving you at the foremost liked the gang where Sandra was in... And the gang on the other side was like a coward piece of shits as they were making unnecessary fights with the others. I would suggest you and u like judged people to watch the episodes very slowly and understand it before commenting on such disgusting msged.

Other than Rejith kumar All other contestants are spineless.i dont know how asianet selected such a lousy punks as contestants. Arya is the company artiste for asianet CHANNEL.I dont curse or blame Mr Mohanlal. The poor guy he was being paid only for obey the asianet n bigboss. When bigboss and asianet came to know that Mr Rejith is leading so immediately they dumped two sisters in to bigboss house.Mr Bigboss n asianet listen carefully" what goes around comes around" finally god has sent karuna VIRUS to india and then kerala to give justice to Mr Rejith kumar. Immediately next day ALIAN RESHMA has been thrown out from big boss. And finally everybody had to leave bigboss house due to the curse of Rejith kumar late mom's believe in god bigboss n all are a supporters of CPI(M) and Bloody CPI M is against our sanatan dharma.

Well said bro

Well said bro

Rejith kumar??? The only one with spine??? Don't make us laugh.

Rejith kumar??? The only one with spine??? Don't make us laugh.

Alasandra without a spine.Your second entry was planned after viewing previous episodes.

Alasandra without a spine.Your second entry was planned after viewing previous episodes.

Alasandra without a spine.Your second entry was planned after viewing previous episodes.

The only one with a spine was Reshma.. A big salute to her.. I don't want to say it but again what was this lady "Alexandra" doing there!!!
Needs to have some selfrespect girl.. Such a shame..

Hatsoff to Reshama to stand against the notorious criminal and a fraud Rajith KUMAR and fukru for supporting reshma on the same. Alasandra oh God she has no stands at all always trying to do go and speak the way how Sujitha Mathew is doing. I think her love story drama with Sujitha Mathew was taken too seriously that she just couldn't see good in arya shaji daya fukru and Elena and stood against them because Sujo was against them.

By the way..Rajith kumar is not a criminal.. it was bigg boss's plan.. they cheated him.. They understand that rejuth us getting a huge fan base day by day.. so they cant give the title to the person whom they had set already.. s they wanted him to get out of the house. But he never make a single mistake by himself for the 65 days.. so the ubderstand he never gonna out.. so they make a cruced plan with him and last they cheated him..thats what dont call him as criminal without knowing the fact

വൈയറിയൂ കാൾ him notorious..... mole.

Saw a few episodes.After the ignominious eviction of the notorious Rajit, the contestants ,except Fukru , came out as spineless.Hats off to Reshma who stood her ground and threw out the fraud from the house.The Boss himself should have summarily evicted the wicked obscurantist immediately after the incident.The incident at the airport is a poor reflection of the sense of justice of an average Malayali.

When you yourself have admitted in saying that u haven't watched the entire episodes of biggboss then how can u comment on a person year. You are such a stupid to do in the first place. Go watch the episodes from the first and see who is at fault then comment. Don't be a passover.

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