Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Highlights: Balaji Murugadoss has an ugly spat with Aari and Gabriella

In the latest episode of Tamil Bigg Boss' 4th season, Balaji Murugadoss was seen engaging in an ugly spat with Aari and Gabriella during the task of ticket to the finale.
Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Highlights: Balaji Murugadoss has an ugly spat with Aari and Gabriella
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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 4, Balaji Murugadoss had an ugly spat with two contestants during the task of ticket to the finale. In the first task, Balaji and Aari had a huge fight. Contestants were asked to wear Velcro jacket with a coin in their back. The other contestants had to compete with each other and grab the coins. Whichever contestants saved their coins will be declared as the winners. Aari and Balaji had a huge fight during the task.

As Aari was running to protect his coins, Balaji blocked his way by placing some furniture from the house. Aari warned him saying that it may cause injuries to the housemates and asked Balaji to chase him if he was man enough. Gabriella seconded Aari’s opinions. Balaji, who got emotional as there was no one to support him, spoke to the people through the camera. Meanwhile, in the next task, Rio was asked to be the judge.

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In the second task, the contestants were asked to find the song from the BGM that was played. The contestant who knew the song was asked to press the buzzer and sing the song from the beginning. Balaji kept on pressing the buzzer without knowing the song. So, Bigg Boss gave negative marking and Balaji came last in the task. Though Ramya didn’t perform extraordinarily in task 4, she is the leading contestant considering all the tasks given so far.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Aari vote in : seems its true, some people were hired to vote for aari .. 1 hour before only his vote count was in 1 core something but now within 1 hour his vote count raised to 2 cores .. that to in this mid night .. how its possible ? its really very very unfair

Anonymous 3 months ago

What Ramya and other said about aari is 100% true only ... I really dont get how aari getting nearly 50% vote.. seems its all for his movie promotion to make him win BB title..the only person who is not mingling with other. not showing any emotions like friendliness, kindness, understanding others nothing..just doing his works , house works and complaining/advising others but will not listen/accepting others advice for him....

Anonymous 3 months ago

It seems intentionally Bala has been blamed by everyone in the house, by hosted kamal n now we can feel in biggboss also using game teams.. Big Boss knowingly hide the game team n gave the negative makes without warning the house mates.. Even Bala mention about it while reading the task.. Still, BB doesn't mention not to touch the bell without knowing would lead negative marks.. And today the power to bala for that tougher task chicken n fox. It's really very very unfair It clearly showing BB maker also wantedly doing it you could not tolerate to hear his one compliance about aari.. but aari staying in BB house only with compliances and advices only ..