Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Promo: Som gets emotional after being declared as the winner of ticket to finale

In the latest promo of Tamil Bigg Boss 4, Som was declared as the winner of ticket to finale task and he met his mother on a video conference.
Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Promo: Som gets emotional after being declared as the winner of ticket to finale
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In the latest promos of Tamil Bigg Boss 4, host Kamal Haasan announced Som as the winner of ticket to the finale tasks. With this, he will not be nominated hereafter and will stay in the house till the finale episode. The housemates were asked to present to him the title and a poster of him was also unveiled at the house. Kamal Haasan made him interact with his mother through video conferencing.

When he saw his mother, he got emotional and cried it out. It created a touching moment in the house when the other housemates tried to console him. In the next promo, a ‘kurumpadam’ of Aari and Balaji was shown, where they both had a very sweet and calm conversation. Seeing it, the other housemates got emotional and lauded them both. Kamal Haasan was all praises to them both and he spoke highly of them for putting their differences and moving on.

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Meanwhile, in the latest episode of the show, Shivani and Ramya Pandiyan gave tough competition to each other during a task. While all the other housemates cheered on them, they both finished the task by using their maximum ability all the while crying in pain. The task was complicated further and they both were asked to hit each other with balls. On the other hand, Balaji said during a task that the competition was not between him and Aari and it was among all the housemates. He said that only he and Aari have not been playing any safe game.

Anonymous 3 months ago

A Very matured person and one who can lead the people and leave some morals to the society is Aari bro. He doesn't carry any baggage. Rio seems to be still in confusion, still requires stability and maturity as he plays a selfish game. Som is just lucky to win only the finale task. Bala is giving content supported by Aari. Gabi understood that only if she supports Aari, she can enter finals. Ramya and Shivani .. sorry