Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Baba Bhaskar saves Ravikrishna from elimination; BB announces race to finale

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Baba Bhaskar saves Ravikrishna from elimination and BB announces race to finale, read on!
Bigg Boss Telugu 3,South
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It has been a couple of weeks since Bigg Boss Telugu 3 kick-started and the show has been dishing out some interesting episodes week after week. In the latest episode, Punarnavi is seen consoling Siva Jyothi, who is missing Ali. While Sreemukhi instructs Ravikrishna to remain strong, he is seen working out in the gym, as per Ali’s instructions. According to the BB reporter task, Himaja turns photographer and he has to shoot videos and photographs while journalist Siva Jyothi has to make news reports out of it.

As part of the task, Sreemukhi tells Shilpa that Punarnavi has revealed her strategy to Varun, according to which she (Punarnavi) opted for a provocative strategy since she isn’t physically competent enough. Later, Bigg Boss announces that the race to finale has finally begun and in order to make it to the finale, every contestant needs to gear up and get serious about the game/nominations and focus on the game. As part of the nominations task, the contestants are divided into two groups. While Sreemukhi, Himaja, Mahesh, Ravikrishna and Siva Jyothi are included in a group, Varun, Vithika, Rahul, Punarnavi and Shilpa form the other group. As part of the task, each contestant has to nominate two housemates from the opponent group and they need to do so by burning their photographs and obviously, giving their reasons for nomination.

At the end of the task, Shilpa, Punarnavi, Mahesh, Himaja, Ravikrishna and Sreemukhi get nominated for the week since they get the maximum votes. After announcing the nominated contestants, as the ritual goes, Bigg Boss asks the captain of the house, Baba Bhaskar, to save one contestant from elimination. After a lot of thought, Baba chooses to save Ravikrishna as he played the tasks genuinely. Later, viewers are shown that Punarnavi gets emotional and misses her mother badly. Later, while conversing with Mahesh, Punarnavi says she is missing her mother and family, who are always there to guide her. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for all the updates!

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