Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Netizens question makers, call it rigged as Mehaboob, Sohel's video from finale goes viral

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Netizens question makers, call it rigged as Mehaboob, Sohel's video from finale goes viral

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 witnessed Abhijeet Duddala as the winner of the season while Akhil became the first runner up. On the other hand, one of the finalists Sohel grabbed number 3rd position as he walked away with Rs 25 Lakh. Sohel was first offered Rs 20 lakh by host Nagarjuna Akkineni. However, he refused to give up and decided to be a part of the game. Later, the makers added Rs 5 Lakh and Syed Sohel Ryan accepted the offer. The actor said that he received enough fame from the show and that had been more important than anything to him. 

Post the finale, a video of Mehaboob hinting Sohel about his position as the finalist has gone viral on social media. One of the Instagram users shared the same video and wrote, "This video is not to spread negativity and hatred towards any contestant. But I am blaming @starmaa team for these cheap tricks. I think they wantedly made #MehaboobDilse to hint #Sohel about the positions/Money. Everyone can witness this event in the video.To make big TRPs for their show they are cheating people and playing with people's emotions. This #BiggBossTelugu4 show should not be encouraged next time because there is no value for people's verdict and their votes. All they want is TRP TRP." 

The video is going viral on social media as viewers are questioning the makers of Bigg Boss Telugu about the show's authenticity. Check it out below: 

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Meanwhile, calling Sohel and Mehaboob his inspiration, Nagarjuna Akkineni personally contributed Rs 10 lakh to the duo.  


Anonymous : Absolutely unfair. We condemn these kind of acts by contestants of any broadcast games. Sohel and Mehboob are answerable to their acts and Biggboss whole team has to be cautious of this kind of footages because they are being paid for that.
REPLY 1 7 months ago
Anonymous : If Sohel took the money without knowing this hint, it would have been fine and no one would have criticized him for it. Although it is completely unfair that it is being cut from the winner's prize who clearly won because of audiences votes and that too by a huge margin and deserves his full prize for his accomplishment, but that is BB management's fault for taking away a winner's right. But clearly, Sohel saw Mehaboob's hint and understood that he isn't the winner therefore took the money. Firstly, it is very unethical, wrong, and unfair to all the other finalists who had no idea about what's happening outside and kept playing with full spirit and rejected the money to stay true to the fans that voted for them. Secondly, this just made the audience and fans big fools who trusted the show and voted consistently for months. It's a shame that such a big show lacks honesty and integrity. Lastly, this was very unfair to the winner who didn't win by a small margin but reportingly over 60 percent of the votes and deserves his full prize but was scammed by two cheaters. At the end of the day, that money is considered scammed/stolen money, no matter what cause it goes towards.
REPLY 4 7 months ago
Anonymous : Unfair
REPLY 3 7 months ago
Anonymous : Dis is very unfair And we don't encourage mehaboob and Sohel and we demand to Sohel to give 25L to orphanage with proof
REPLY 7 7 months ago
Anonymous : This is Very unfair from Sohel , mehaboob , star Maa management ..! We support Abhijeet forever ❤️
REPLY 6 7 months ago