Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Nov 23 Highlights: Sunny, Priyanka & 5 others nominated; Siri has a breakdown

Updated on Nov 25, 2021 01:16 AM IST  |  162K
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The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 started with the aftermath of the nomination task. Ravi, Sunny. Sreerama Chandra, Kajal, Siri, Priyanka and Shanmukh got nominated for the week. Bigg Boss gives captaincy task, where with every siren one contestant turns monarch and participate in various challenges to get the opportunity to become captain.

Siri occupied the throne in the first round while Sunny and Ravi were the last two contestants in the challenge. Siri chose to promote Ravi to the next round. Sunny was upset with her decision. Next Sreeram grabs the throne and saves Ravi and gets in an argument with Kajal and she breaks down into tears.

Next Ravi and Priyanka occupied the throne and saved Shannu. Siri and Priyanka had a tie in occupying the throne and Maanas declares Priyanka has a winner. Siri calls it unfair and has an emotional outburst which led to a fight with Shanmukh as well.


The nomination task was full on fire as Sunny, Ravi and Sreeram Chandra got into intense arguments. Kajal and Sreeram also get into verbal spat as the latter blames her for Anee's eviction in the last week.


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