Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Sep 19 highlights: Uma Devi gets evicted; Ravi receives birthday surprise

Updated on Sep 20, 2021 11:20 PM IST  |  108.3K
Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Sep 19 highlights
Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Sep 20 highlights: Uma Devi gets evicted; Ravi receives birthday surprise

The Sunday episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 was all about fun as Host Nagarjuna filled it with different activities. The host housemates were divided into two groups, boys and girls for the dance contest. Both teams gave their best and entertained, however, the girls' team won. 

Popular song 'Kajal Chelliva' was played in the house and Kajal was the first contestant to be saved in the episode. Kajal also requested Nagarjuna to send mutton as it is Ravi's birthday and they want to cook biryani, to which he agrees and says that she only must cook it.

Nagarjuna gave a task to housemates to say who is the devil of the house. While many contestants declared Siri as the devil, Kajal and Vishwa had an argument and Shanmukh called himself the devil.

Uma and Nataraj were in danger but at last, Nataraj was declared safe and Uma got eliminated. Nataraj burst into happy tears while most of the contestants consoled him. Uma bid her goodbye and reached the stage with Nagarjuna. where she spoke to contestants and gave her feedback.

Uma revealed that a few contestants insulted Lobo in the house. She asked Lobo to prove himself and encouraged him to perform better. She asked Siri and Shanmukh to keep their friendship aside and focus on game. Uma called Anee Master short-tempered and opined that Shailaja Priya is playing safe. 

The day ended on an emotional note as Ravi received a special birthday surprise from his wife Nitya.

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