Did Trisha Krishnan just react to Mansoor Ali Khan's apology tweet? Find out

A recent disagreement between actors Trisha Krishnan and Mansoor Ali Khan ended with the latter apologizing to the former on social media. The Leo actress has now reacted!

Published on Nov 24, 2023  |  05:53 PM IST |  77.3K
(Pc: Trisha Krishnan Instagram)
Did Trisha Krishnan just react to Mansoor Ali Khan's apology tweet? Find out (Pc: Trisha Krishnan Instagram)

Trigger Warning: The article contains references to rape and abuse.

The ongoing dispute between actors Trisha Krishnan and Mansoor Ali Khan has been grabbing headlines for quite some time now. After a series of public discussions on social media and in press conferences, Mansoor Ali Khan seems to have apologized to Trisha Krishnan for the hurtful things he said about the actress, earlier this month. 

Trisha Krishnan has now seemingly reacted to the apology from Mansoor Ali Khan. Taking to her X (formerly Twitter) account, the Leo actress made a simple tweet. Her tweet reads: "To err is human, to forgive is divine." Trisha also added a folded hands emoji to her tweet. It's worth noting that there were no tags or linked statements from the actress in the tweet. 

Meanwhile, the Chennai police also played a role in resolving the issue by taking legal action against Mansoor Ali Khan. Although it's not entirely clear if Trisha has explicitly accepted Mansoor Ali Khan's apology, the tweet suggests that she has forgiven him for his actions.

See Trisha Krishnan’s tweet after Mansoor Ali Khan’s apology letter 

Mansoor Ali Khan's apology letter for Trisha Krishnan

In the early hours of November 24, Mansoor Ali Khan sent a message that seemed to be an apology for the sexist and hurtful things he said about Trisha Krishnan. Mansoor Ali Khan wrote, "My co-actress Trisha, Please forgive me! May God bless the fortune for me to bless your Mangalyam (marital necklace) as it goes around in the coconut tray in the auspicious marital ritual! Amen."

Check out Mansoor Ali Khan's apology letter for Trisha Krishnan below

Mansoor Ali Khan's comments against Trisha Krishnan

Mansoor Ali Khan, an actor who recently appeared in the Thalapathy Vijay starrer film Leo, directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, made sexist and misogynistic remarks against co-star Trisha Krishnan.

Khan known for playing villains in Tamil films since the 1990s, openly expressed disappointment at not having any scenes with Trisha in the film. He further stated that he initially hoped there would be a bedroom scene involving Trisha and him, where he could enact a rape scene.

The lewd and derogatory comments against Trisha Krishnan sparked a widespread backlash, with many prominent actors and artists, including Trisha herself, Chiranjeevi, Lokesh Kanagaraj, and others, voicing their condemnation.

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is struggling with abuse, please reach out and report it. There are several helplines available for the same

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