A doctor pens an open letter to Thalapathy Vijay, Simbu over 100% occupancy in TN cinemas & it is hard hitting

Updated on Jan 06, 2021 08:28 PM IST  |  1.2M
A doctor pens an open letter to Thalapathy Vijay, Simbu over 100% occupancy in TN cinemas & it is hard hitting

Thalapathy Vijay starrer Master and Silambarasan TR aka Simbu starrer Eeswaran are all set to hit the big screens during Pongal 2021. Ahead of the big releases, the Tamil Nadu government allowed cinema owners to open with 100 percent occupancy. It became 50 percent to 100 percent occupancy after Thalapathy Vijay personally met the Chief Minister and requested for the same ahead of his film Master's release. However, the decision by the TN government has not gone well among many. On Monday, a junior resident doctor Aravinth Srinivas from Puducherry penned a hard-hitting open letter that is addressed to Vijay, STR and the Tamil Nadu government.

In the long note, the doctor has mentioned how they are all tired of working hard at the ground level during the pandemic and how, the fight is still on. "The pandemic isn’t over and we have people dying till today to the disease. A hundred percent theatre occupancy is a suicide attempt," he wrote in his Facebook post. 


Dear Actor Vijay sir, Silambarasan sir and the respected Govt. of Tamil Nadu, 

I am tired. We are all tired. Thousands of doctors like me are tired. Health care workers are tired. Police officials are tired. Sanitary workers are tired. 

We have worked so hard at the ground level to make sure the damage done is kept to as low as possible amidst an unprecedented pandemic. I am not glorifying our work for I know there is nothing so great about it to the onlooker’s eyes. We don’t have cameras in front of us. We don’t do stunt sequences. We aren’t heroes. But we deserve some time to breath. We don’t want to fall prey to someone’s selfishness and greed.

The pandemic isn’t over and we have people dying till today to the disease. A hundred percent theatre occupancy is a suicide attempt. Rather homicide, for none of the policy makers or the so called heroes are going to put themselves under the pump, to watch the movie amidst the crowd. This is a blatant barter system, trading lives for money. 

Can we please slowly try and concentrate on our lives and make sure we tide through this pandemic peacefully and not reignite the slowly burning out flame, that is still not completely put out? 

I wanted to make this post scientific and explain why we are still in danger. But that’s when I asked myself, “what’s the point?” 

Yours tiredly 

A poor, tired resident doctor

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Anonymous : Can understand a nutcase like STR making this suicide request. But what in the world prompted someone like Vijay to make such a greedy and selfish request to the CM, and how come the CM accepted it? Vijay needs to set aside personal benefits and think of the cinema lovers. This was not expected from him. The CM should straight away deny this request. Actors are not above the common people.
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : Please ask Vijay and Simbu to sit with the full capasity
REPLY 3 8 months ago
Anonymous : Disgusting & mean minded educated morons of moviemakers & shame on TN govt for encouraging such morons. TN govt have some concern to your people. Whole globe is slowly getting affected with the new strain virus & going into 2nd lockdown your govt instead of declining the request have gone ahead in approving 100% occupancy this shows that u hardly care a damn for the lives of your state & country people. When will TN govt realize that people are first entertainment later. As someone rightly said let these celebrity morons watch the movie amidst of atleast 30ppl if not 100 & watch the movie without SD, face masks, Sanitizer & gloves will be the 1st person to appreciate their bravery. Please request the govt to revoke the decision on the safety grounds
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : You all missing a point here: For more than a year people from Film industry are also tired...... I'm not supporting anyone but our families are going to work but people who work in industry they can't do that...
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : Vijay ,Simbu should be held responsible for mass murder if there is another outbreak due to their selfish appeals
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : I am an ardent fan of Vijay...first day release,first show,first row seat is a must in my life for vijay's films...but I would centum percent agree with that poor lad who chose medicine as his career and his revelations on the current situation in the covid-19 pandemic......master Vijay will be ever remembered as the greatest compassionate man/actor/leader if he can convince the concerned people to reduce the viewers to 50 percent occupancy in the theatres...good day vijay sir....Dr s vignes...Malaysia
REPLY 1 8 months ago
Anonymous : Just the tip of the iceberg on the SELFISHNESS & IRRESPONSIBILITY of south movie industry. They only care about the money, but brainwashed fans don't realize this and are ready to even give up their life to support their indifferent hero :(
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : Honestly it is disppointing Vijay was more interest in revenue than the safety of citizens . Such a popilar actor does not realise the cowawes. Losing SP Bala didw
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : Why looking at profits at the expense of your countrymen safety?? This is going to be a long battle. Give a thought to others. Stay safe.
REPLY 3 8 months ago
Anonymous : Yes we can wait for some more days atleast till vaccine comes
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : Bug minded people r more Focussed on reel money minded Fan's life risking heroes than real heroes the doctors
REPLY 4 8 months ago
Anonymous : Well-written. Shame on Vijay and master team.
REPLY 12 8 months ago
Anonymous : Yeah a total shame! Everyone is tired of working tirelessly ..money can't buy life at all..a total no understanding
REPLY 0 8 months ago