Idhe Maa Katha Movie Review: A fairly watchable road journey movie that feels half-done

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Idhe Maa Katha Movie Review: A fairly watchable road journey movie that feels half-done
Idhe Maa Katha Movie Review: A fairly watchable road journey movie that feels half-done

Title: Idhe Maa Katha
Cast: Srikanth, Bhumika Chawla, Sumanth Ashwin and others
Director: Guru Pawan 
Rating: 2.5/5

While the makers of 'Idhe Maa Katha' have described the movie as a road journey flick, you really can't expect strictly genre outings in Telugu. Even the recent 'Love Story' didn't turn out to be a true-blue dance-based romantic drama it was presumed to be. 'Idhe Maa Katha', which presents four different lives and their crucial journey to Ladakh (where they are determined to participate in the upcoming annual Royal Enfield motorcycle racing festival as if their lives depend on it), is more an emotional-romantic drama than anything else.

Srikanth plays a middle-aged business tycoon named Mahendra, who says he wants to meet his first love in Ladakh. Twenty-five years after being a love failure, he has taken to addictions. He hopes that he will get to spend a soulful moment with his ex. Bhumika Chawla plays an atypical housewife named Lakshmi, who after completing her household chores works on a Royal Enfield bike to accomplish her late father's unsung mechanical innovation. Her husband (Sameer) doesn't support her dreams, while her two school-going kids are not mute spectators to her ordeal. 

While Mahendra and Lakshmi come with gloomy stories, Ajay (Sumanth Ashwin) plays an adventurous bike racer who sees no merit in a boring academic life. His father (Srikanth Iyyanger) is predictably upset with him. Meghana (Thanya Hope), a Chandigarh girl, has been dumped by her boyfriend and is desperately seeking an escape. When she crosses paths with Mahendra, least does she realize that she is destined to have a tryst with Ajay and Lakshmi as well on her way to Ladakh. 


The first forty-five minutes or so go into establishing the characters and their situations. At 143 minutes, 'Idhe Maa Katha' doesn't always pander to the easy ways of narrating the chequered lives. In all fairness, writer-director Guru Pawan delves into the world of the housewife with conviction. It helps that Bhumika's performance is remarkable. While Ajay is portrayed in a cliched fashion (his risk-taking persuasions are indistinguishable from the kind of characters we have seen before), his track is peppered with light humour ("I am a YouTuber and I think you are not my subscriber", is funny). He acts well, so also the senior actor Srikanth. 

The writing fails to explore the psyche of the characters as much as it should. The easy route of a bunch of bad guys is used to raise the stakes in the climax. The lack of chemistry between Sumanth Ashwin and Tanya Hope (whose character assumes the body language of an exaggeratedly tough girl) adds to the woes. Their love story falls apart after a point, and the duet shot in exquisite locations doesn't add any charm either. We don't understand why the perfunctory lines don't explain the pain of the characters, especially of Lakshmi, who is staring at a major setback on the personal front. 

A bright spot is that comedian Saptagiri elicits laughs as a frustrated bachelor, while '30 Years Industry' Prudhviraj is okayish in an extended cameo. 

Sunil Kashyap's background music lends gravitas when the writing doesn't, at least in some portions in the second half. C Raam Prasad's cinematography is commendable in the Ladakh portions (shot in Kullu Manali). 


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