Ilayaraja VS Prasad Studio Case: Madras High Court ORDERS both the parties to reconcile

The Madras High Court refers Music composer Ilayaraja and Prasad studios to have a mediation in case of the maestro’s studio at the Prasad studio premises.
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The Madras High Court has reportedly recommended to have a mediation in the case relating to music maestro Ilayaraja and his composition room in Prasad studios. For more than four decades, Ilayaraja has been using the same room in the studio and when he was asked to vacate the premises, he filed a case against the studio owners demanding to be allowed to continue at the same premises. However, the studio management has sought to vacate him from its Saligramam premises.

The original case filed by the maestro came in the High Court on December 3, 2019, and Justice V Bharathidasan directed Ilayaraja's senior counsel ARL Sundaresan to appear in the High Court's mediation centre on December 9, 2019. For the unversed, the music director moved to the Madras High Court with a plea mentioning that he has paid appropriate charges without any default in order to have a peaceful possession of the studio located inside the compound of Prasad Digital Film Laboratories, Saligramam.

Ilayaraja also stated that the current owners of Prasad studios are trying to make him vacate the place through illegal means, thereby requesting the Court to send a restraining order to the owners from interfering in his possession. On the other hand, the studio's counsel stated that the proper owners of the studio are Prasad Production Private Limited and the music director did not pay the actual owners to obtain possession for his studio. They stated that Ilayaraja only has limited purpose of recording music in the studio and he is not associated with the company.

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